10 Filipino YouTubers That Every Zillennial Would Enjoy Watching

Social media is the avenue where people in all walks of like connect and communicate. Naturally, with the rise of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, these social media networks have given people an opportunity to be exposed to a large audience.

YouTube has created a career path that led these people to fame and fortune. It’s a career path driven entirely by passion, interests, and hobbies. Whether it be makeup, vlogs, dance and song covers, gaming – you name it, there’s surely videos out there!

Filipinos, especially, have used this medium to make a name for themselves. There’s no denying that by watching these people, you’ve thought about becoming a YouTuber too! Whether they inspired or entertained you in any way, here are some of our favorite YouTubers that you should be watching right now!

1. Janina Vela

Now with almost half a million subscribers on YouTube, Janina Vela has definitely become a household name. We’ve seen her do makeup looks and heard her sing. We watched her meet our favorite Hollywood actors as well! She’s the living, breathing proof of what it’s like to be successful as a YouTuber. It also helps that she has a bubbly and humble personality despite her fame.

2. Raiza Contawi

Raiza is a professional makeup artist that can impressively snag any celebrity look! It’s amazing how she can transform and look exactly like Nadine Lustre, Lee Sung Kyung, and Kathryn Bernardo! To add to her amazing makeup skill, she’s super funny and down to Earth too! Raiza has about 258,000 subscribers on Youtube and counting!

3. Michelle Dy

Michelle Dy is the ‘it girl’ in the Filipino YouTuber world right now. With almost a million followers and thousands of fans following her everywhere, there’s no doubt that she deserves all the success right now. She started with makeup looks and began with her hilarious content on YouTube. Now, pretty much anything she uploads will be a sure hit!

4. Bella Racelis

Heading the Generation Z‘s future, 16-year-old Bella is the girl we see a little of ourselves in! She’s super young and adorable, plus her content on YouTube is a breath of fresh air. Since she started YouTube three years ago, she has garnered about 372,000 subscribers.

5. Ranz Kyle and Niana

Siblings, Ranz Kyle and Niana are truly the most adorable dancers we’ve ever seen! Ranz is better known before as part of an all-boys dance group called Chicser. But since then, he started making his own YouTube videos with his younger sister, Niana. It was a hit on YouTube and Facebook! Ranz and Niana have about 7 million followers combined.

6. Rei Germar

It’s never too late to start a YouTube channel. Rei Germar only began uploading on YouTube last year, but since then, she gained 233,000 subscribers already. She posts about makeup, travel, hauls, and her cute relationship with her boyfriend, Migy. Her fast-paced success on YouTube inspires her viewers to start posting videos too!

7. Pamela Swing

Pamela Swing is unlike any other glamorous YouTuber. Unlike most, Pamela doesn’t shy away from pulling the wackiest faces and doing the extremes for her channel. Pamela is super relatable and she cracks the best jokes. When comedic timing is key, trust in Pamela to do exactly that. With over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, Pamela proves that humor can indeed take you places.

8. Lexy Rodriguez

Lexy is another Zillennial rising in the Filipino YouTuber world. Sharing the same experiences and struggles as any Zillennial teenager, Lexy videos are definitely relatable to the younger generation. She started uploading on YouTube a year ago, now, she has almost 72,000 subscribers.

9. Wil Dasovich

Wil is one of the most inspiring Filipino YouTubers right now. Just last year, he was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer, breaking the hearts of many fans. He went through numerous cycles until early January 2018, and then on February, he announced that he was cancer-free. But before that, Wil created the #VlogSquad group on YouTube with his sister Haley Dasovich, and their good friend Daniel Marsh. Later on, he became a ‘housemate’ in the biggest reality tv show in the Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother. Now will has over a million subscribers on YouTube, continuing to inspires his viewers with every video!

10. Camie Juan

Camie Juan likes to call herself as a ‘freckled French girl wannabe.’ She has 22,000 subscribers on YouTube, but her influence goes beyond that too. On Twitter, she’s one of the few openly ‘woke’ girls that aren’t afraid to speak her mind. This Filipina is currently living in New York City, but her heart and mind is still with the Filipino people!

Who are your favorite Filipino YouTubers? Let us know in the comments who you want to see next!