10 Times Chadwick Boseman Was Done With The Wakanda Forever Pose

Even before the day of its release, American superhero film Black Panther had already proved itself to be a major milestone. Just from the reveal of the trailer, fans from all over the world have continuously hyped it up.

It’s the epitome of the people it represents: black people.

The film tackles the struggles that black people go through on a daily basis whether they be in America or Africa. It approaches their history and how it affects their lives today head-on. Moreover, the cast, as well as its director, is composed predominantly of people of African descent.

It comes as no surprise that the star of the film, Chadwick Boseman, becomes well-known for his role as Black Panther. The movie’s humor, and progressiveness made Wakanda, the fictional city of Black Panther, memorable and relevant even five months after its release.

One of the most unforgettable parts of the movie is the Black Panther’s Wakanda salute.

When given the chance, fans and photographers ask Chadwick to do the salute. In nearly every photo, even the non-Marvel related ones, he is seen doing the pose. However, as much as he is grateful for the movie’s success, the man has his limits. With constant requests for him to do the salute, Boseman’s exhaustion is apparent.

From posing with vigor and enthusiasm to, well, the opposite:

In addition to the situation’s hilarity, Michael B. Jordan, who played Killmonger, have spoken in behalf of Boseman in his speech at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

However, a video has popped up on Twitter. It’s an interview of Boseman conducted on the same day regarding the salute.

At the end of the day, the internet still creates funny memes about the salute and Chadwick’s supposed exhaustion.