2018 Feels Like A Blip But Here’s What I Learned From It

A few more days and you’ll be welcoming 2019. You can’t help but to think ahead and move fast forward for this year to end with all your new year’s resolution, expecting for a more happy and steady life. There’s so much going on that it makes it hard to appreciate the beauty and awe of life.

Take this as a chance to look back on what 2018 taught you, and to firmly remind you that you can be better this coming 2019.


It’s okay to be uncertain.

Uncertainty – that one word that lets us feel doubt and fear. Those too many what ifs popping up in your head every 3 AM in the morning. But this feeling of uncertainty makes you curious, which is the root of progress and growth. This is where real change and self-improvement takes place. At the end of the day, it’s the point of living, to be a better version of yourself.


Adjust your perspective.

With all the negativity 2018 has thrown upon you, you will learn the art of finding the good in anything. No matter how bad the situation is, how lonely and sad you’ve been at some point in your life, try to look a little further for that little spark of yellow light. Changing the way you see your problems changes the way you see life.

Your choice, your life.

Your days are composed of a series of choices, a never-ending decision making that you need to face every day. Choose the things that feel right: the choices that make you closer to how you envision yourself to be. It’s simple but it’s not that easy. You’ll feel the uncomfortable side effects of your decisions and it’s normal. It’s a feeling of change.


Know how many balls you can juggle

One of the challenges of adulting is trying to find time for something. Prioritizing different aspects of life;  spiritual, personal, social, career and finances, is like juggling 5 balls at the same time. When you choose to focus on juggling 3 balls, it would be a lot easier. Know what order of priorities works best for you, make time and effort for the things that really matter and gradually, you’ll start to feel you are living the life you wanted.


Not everyone will stay.

And that’s not entirely your fault. As I repeat, everyone has a choice and their choice doesn’t define your worth. You just have to accept the ugly truth that there are things you cannot control (their feelings) and things that you are in control of. You have learned to let go thus you’ve learned to grow. So save your time and effort for those who chose to stay.


Clear communication goes a long way

Talk things clearly, even when it’s uncomfortable. Don’t keep those thoughts to yourself, or you’ll be stuck in that contemplating and overthinking loop. Become strong enough to escape this way of thinking and be able to stand for the things you really want.


Be there for others.

When other’s light goes out, may you find a way to light them back. Keep on sharing those positive vibes and help brighten someone’s day. A simple gesture really makes a difference. Just be there and listen to their struggles because when we love, we feel the pain of others as part of ourselves. So we do everything just to make them feel better.


Love yourself

is one of the things you have to learn in order to have that genuine happiness everybody is looking for. Yes, you are in constant search for the meaning and worth of your life, but it is already within you, you just have to look deeper. The more you understand yourself, the more you see the beauty of life in everything, the more you are capable of sharing the love in your heart with the people around you.

Keep on doing the things you love as you continue to inspire others. You have so much life ahead of you and you all deserve to be happy, remember that! Let’s welcome 2019 with a smile, proudly saying that we’ve become a better version of ourselves.