All The 2019 Planners According To Your Personality

It’s halfway through November already and Christmas is just around the corner!

Before we know it, it will already be the beginning of another year. The extreme excitement to achieve *~new year, new me~*¬†kicks in with all the new year’s resolutions.

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Not only are we eager to jot down our endless list of new year’s resolution, but when it comes to picking the perfect planner for the next year, it has to be something we will want to use year-long. In our minds, it has to be functional for our plans and ideas, it has to be durable to really last a year, and most importantly? It has to suit our personalities.

With literally hundreds of available 2019 planners out there, we at Meg are here to help you find the perfect planner!

Below are 20 planners for every personality. Note: They’re also available locally, no need for international shipping! ūüėČ

The Aesthetic Queen

These planners don’t have the extraordinary functions although it sure can hold all your agenda for the week. The only advantage is the aesthetics of these planners. Every page is an eye candy, you’ll always look forward to planning on its pages and being surprised with the design of every turn. Bonus: It will definitely match with your well-curated IG feed!

1. The Daykeeper 2019

Priced at 1,090. Available here.

2. Sunnies Agenda 2019

Priced at P599 in all Sunnies stores.

3. Kikki.K Count Your Lucky Stars Personal Planner


Priced at P2,599. Available in Noteworthy Greenbelt, Podium, and Rockwell stores.

4. Design Your Life

Design Your Life

Priced at P650. Available here.

The Mature

For the ones who take planning seriously because all their plans for the week are in it along with their budget tracker, their to-do list for the day, agenda at work, and goals for the month. Here are the planners who have great space and features specifically for the adulting people.

1. Kate Spade Large 2018-2019 Planners

Kate Spade

Available in Noteworthy Greenbelt, Podium, and Rockwell stores.

2. Invitation House 2019 Planner

Invitation House 2019

Available here.

The Feminist

For those who need their daily dose of empowering stories from powerful women to help them get by. These are 2019 planners made by Filipino women for all women of the society.

1. 365 Wonders

365 Wonders

Priced at 1,099. Available here.

2. Belle de Jour Power Planner

belle de jour

Priced at P520. Available here.

The Adventurous

These are planners that will totally help you in planning your next vacay. They’re very helpful because these planners are dedicated to helping you plan your vacation leaves with its leave chart as well as plan your budget and itinerary.

1. Where to next?

Where to next

Priced at P680. Available here.

2. Navi


On sale at P520. Available here.

The Minimalist

Planners that are built for the minimalists. No frills and fringes, lesser color, all planning.

1. Muji


Available in Muji stores in Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 3, Rockwell 3, and Mall of Asia.

2. Focus

Priced at P430. Available here.

3. Moleskine 12-Month Weekly Notebook Planner

Moleskine 2019 Weekly
Available at Fully Booked UP Town Center, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center.

The Coffee Lover

Here are the rewarding planners for those who go to the coffee shops for their daily caffeine fix. These planners do not only have great space for planning but have materials that are tested by years to really last a year.

1. Starbucks


Available at Starbucks stores nationwide.

2. The Giving Planner

The Giving Planner

Available at Coffee Bean & Tea Life branches nationwide.

The ‘I-Don’t-Really-Wanna-Plan’

Here’s the planner for those who either do not or can not stay dedicated to planning. Note: it’s also really cheap so it won’t hurt your wallet.



Priced at P20. Available in all Papemelroti branches.

Busy and On-The-Go

Here are the planners curated for the busy people who are booked every hour of the day. They also have spacious compartment sleeves for all your needs for the day: IDs, cash, cards, phone, and a pen.

1. Keepsake by Filed!


Available here.

2. Jacinto and Lirio’s Laro A5

Jacinto and Lirio Laro A5

Available here.

3. Leuchtturm


Available in different sizes in Noteworthy Greenbelt, Podium, and Rockwell stores.

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