3 Rising Indie Rock Bands That Captured Our Hearts

Generation Z music enthusiasts are starting to appreciate the rise of young indie rock bands. Just underneath the mainstream music scene, young bands are trying to make a name for themselves by being different, and really, it’s what makes them earn our attention and respect.

In a genre where straying away from popular music is the new cool, standing out isn’t their priority. That’s what makes their music so genuine and unique; they don’t try to please people. They do it for the art.

So without further ado, here are the best rising indie rock bands that captured our hearts this summer!

1. IV of Spades

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It’s a no-brainer that IV of Spades are the Zillennials’ favorite Pinoy band right now. The band’s distinct retro redux is a reflection of their music influence and style. They caught our ears with their song, “Mundo,” making it this generations’ favorite song, They rightfully garnered a big fan base in the Philippines almost immediately. We wouldn’t be surprised if one day, they too, become a legendary and iconic band in our country!

Listen to their top tracks here:

2. Calpurnia

Finn Wolfhard captured our hearts as Mike from Stranger Things. He also made us laugh as Richie from IT. But we haven’t seen the other side of him yet. As if he isn’t talented enough, Finn is also in an indie rock band called Calpurnia. You’ll catch him using his guitar-shredding skills for their new single called, “City Boy.”

3. Wallows

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13 Reasons Why actor, Dylan Minnette is in a band called Wallows. They got us hooked in the simple lyricism of their music, making their songs easily relatable. The guitar-led sounds carry breezy and sweet melodies, perfect for reflection and chill playlists.

“I think a goal in our lyrics is to be as simple as possible, so people can listen and relate and feel like they’re listening to someone who is just having a conversation with them, or [it’s] something that makes so much sense to latch onto and apply in your own life,” said Minnette in his Nylon interview.

Listen to their Spring EP here.

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