4 Easy-To-Make Drinks That Can Warm You Up This Rainy Season

It’s the rainy season once again. With all the class suspensions and flooded streets around us, we can’t help but stay indoors. It’s cold and although it may be the perfect setup for a whole day under the comfort of your blankets, you might need these drinks to warm your day up.

Not only does it give off that taste of comfort and warmth, these drinks have its own novelty of being healthy. And it doesn’t stop there! Ingredients to these drinks are a staple to your home, or if not, your neighbor’s!

1. Tablea

This is a traditional Filipino hot chocolate that’s made a little bit differently from your common hot chocolate. Instead of cocoa powder, this uses a whole roasted cocoa bean which gives it a much stronger taste.

In order to make this you add 2-3 tablets of tablea to boiling hot water. From this, you can add any spices or condiments you would like to add. From sugar to cinnamon to pumpkin spice. This is completely customizable to your taste!

2. Calamansi Juice

You may have some leftover calamansi from a previous feast of pansit. Or it’s really just there in your house for safekeeping! Nonetheless, even if you don’t have calamansi in your home, it’s easy to buy one of these in your nearest market, or most probably your neighbor.

Calamansi juice has a lot of benefits to your body. It helps with weight loss, and detoxifies your body! It’s beneficial in eliminating excess toxins in the body through strengthening organs such as liver and kidney.

In order to make this, you just need 10-15 calamansi fruits, sugar, and water. You can also add honey depending on your taste. To give you an idea on what this tastes like, just imagine a lemonade!

3. Hot Mocha

Want to level up your coffee at home? You can in literally just four ingredients: espresso, milk, sugar and chocolate or cocoa powder. All you’ll have to do is make your coffee the way you normally would — coffee into hot boiling water — and then, add your chocolate and milk, to taste!

4. Milk Tea

Tea is one of the most common hot drinks that has a wide variety of benefits for your body. It contains antioxidants that protect our body from being too vulnerable to outside pollution. It also helps soothe your bowel system, and also helps with nausea.

Your taste buds might be looking for something more tastier! However, there may be times that it’s raining too hard outside, and you can’t go outside to get your fill of milk tea for the day. Don’t worry! Turns out, homemade milk tea isn’t that hard to make!

You’ll need to put your black tea in boiling hot water for about five minutes to get the strongest flavor possible! While waiting for that, prepare about a half cup of milk and heat it in a microwave for a minute, at most! Or, you can heat it in a pan until it’s steaming. Once all of your ingredients are ready, mix the two ingredients, and, voila! You can just add honey and sugar, to taste!

Which of these drinks do you want to try this rainy season? Let us know by sharing this post!


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