4 Photographers That Will Inspire You To Have A Brighter Feed

When it comes to aesthetics, pastels definitely reigned supreme this year and it’s a sight to see artists show off their own unique take on the trend. 

Below, feast your eyes on these four creatives’ colorful photography, which have been taking over the art scene: 

WARD ROBERTS | @ward.roberts

You might have seen New York-based photographer Ward Roberts’ work in Tumblr blogs, particularly his “Courts” compilation where he showcases the vibrant hues of sports courts around the world. He originally wanted to focus on photographing car parks in Hong Kong, but he eventually shifted his focus on empty outdoor sports spaces. Roberts travels to four major sites (Honolulu, Melbourne, Bermuda, and Brooklyn) to capture fanciful, Seussian-like locations which are filled with pastel hues. 

SALLIE HARRISON | @salliewho

Being an art director and product designer, Sallie Harrison is clearly an all-around creative. Her photography series called ‘Geometric LA’ is an ongoing study of the wide variety of architecture and geometric line play in Los Angeles. Each photograph is pleasing to the eyes with its mix of enchanting colors and constructivism. Los Angeles is a magical city on its own but Harrison’s architectural compilation will make you want to explore it even more.

BEN THOMAS | @___benthomas

Australian visual artist Ben Thomas’ work is full of interesting textures and an eye-catching color palette of aqua and yellow tones. It’s reminiscent of a Wes Anderson setting and comparable to the coloring of Life Aquatic. Thomas (literally) transforms cities like you’ve never seen it before. He miniaturizes the busy environments of the likes of London and New York, turning them into dynamic-looking milieus. And while they may look like illustrations, these chimerical visuals are all photographs.

VICKY MOON | vickymoonphoto.com

Here’s something different from all the pastel photography that we’ve seen. Although she also has a bright, constructivist series similar to Sallie Harrison’s with “Spaces In Between”, the Californian is mostly known for her “Expired LA” compilation–an ongoing series of her explorations in Los Angeles using an expired 4 x 5 film. Moon travels at night through her pink scooter and captures the fascinating city of LA. Every bit of it is truly striking.