5 Filipino Indie Films That You Need To Know About

Listen closely to the nonsense banters — they are actually honest conversations waiting to happen. Remove that quirky “boink” sound effect and the scene should have given justice to the tears of the comedian. Replace the sentimental music in the background with nothing but silence, for it is the only way to give respect to the lover she left behind.

Now take off the rose-colored glasses those blockbuster movies made you wear. It is time to see reality through the lens of indie filmmakers.

Here is the list of indie films that you need to know about:

1. Deadma Walking (2017)

“Pwede rin palang soulmates ang dalawang mag-kaibigan.” — Deadma Walking (2017)

This Palanca-winning “dramedy” follows the friendship of two gay men in the midst of theater, love, and cancer. Within the limited days of John (Joross Gamboa), he plans to execute his last wish with the help of his best friend (Edgar Allan Guzman): to see his own funeral before he dies.

2. Baka Bukas (2017)

“I am the number one fan of who you are at 3 am.” — Baka Bukas (2017)

What happens when your straight best friend (whom you’re in love with), suddenly falls in love with you? Alex (Jasmine Curtis), experiences both utter bliss and anguish in this given situation when she finally comes out to her best friend Jess (Louise delos Reyes).

3. Sa Saíyang Islá (2018)

“Gusto ko pong maging sirena.” – Sa Saíyang Islá (2018)

Seeing his small community face an issue of an oil spill in their waters, a young boy struggling with his sexuality dreams of becoming a mermaid to bring luck in his family’s fishing, as believed from the locals’ tales.

4. Aliens Ata (2017)

“Parang may nakatingin sa atin.” — Aliens Ata (2017)

This short feature film brings you on the journey of two young brothers dealing with the absence of their deceased father followed by their parting with their OFW mother. What is loss and separation in the innocent eyes of these kids? They look at the sky and wonder, could it possibly be aliens? (Fun fact: this short film was shot entirely using a drone).

5. I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

“Five minutes pa.” — I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

In the impulsive decision of catching a music festival in La Union, Carson (Maja Salvador) tries to settle her feelings of seven years for her best friend Dio (Paulo Avelino) days before she graduates. This is a story celebrating two college best friends, OPM, bagnet, a road trip, and graduation on Sunday all in its cinematic, picturesque glory. This is… not a love story.

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