5 God Tier Milk Tea Places In Manila That Will Undoubtedly Satisfy Your Cravings

No food trend has been more talked about or followed than milk tea. The drink is one of the most popular drinks around, being served with different variations and in different locations.

It has stood the test of time into becoming not just the latest food trend, but a staple of modern Philippine food culture. The drink has become the favorite of many Filipinos. Multiple milk tea brands have sprung around the country as a result. With classic brands still thriving and new competitors shaking up the business, the milk tea craze is as strong as it ever was.

With so many types of milk teas and brands to choose from, it may be overwhelming to choose. Which is why this list will help you on which places are sure to satisfy your milk tea cravings.

5. Chatime


They say you can never go wrong with a classic. Chatime proves that. One of the OG milk tea places in Manila, Chatime is considered one of the biggest milk tea brands in the world and has for years been offering quality Taiwanese milk tea.

Their best seller, Pearl Milk Tea, is sure to satisfy anyone who tries it. Another popular drink is their Roasted Milk Tea which offers a unique roasted taste compared to regular milk tea. As one of the more popular milk tea places in the Philippines, you won’t have a hard time buying a drink for yourself as they have a variety of locations around the metro.

4. CoCo


Despite being relatively new to the milk tea scene in Manila, CoCo has established itself as one of the most popular milk tea brands right now. Just visit any of their stores and you will notice long lines just to try their wide variety of options. A favorite from theirs is the Panda Milk Tea, a classic milk tea served with white and black tapioca balls.

Another is their Two Ladies Milk Tea served with tapioca pearls and pudding. If toppings are what you’re looking for, try their Three Buddies Milk Tea which is served with pearls, pudding, and grass jelly. If you can brave the long lines, you’ll get to see why CoCo has become a local favorite with their tasty and creamy drinks.

3. Macao Imperial Tea


Another newcomer in the scene, being in the Philippines since June 2017, Macao Imperial Tea offers something new to the milk tea experience with their cream cheese milk teas. The brand, hailing from Macau, is known for its best-selling drinks such as their Cream Cheese Milk Tea which has black pearls and topped with delicious cream cheese.

Another favorite is their Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea which is infused with chocolate cookies and cream cheese. In just a little over two years, Macao Imperial Tea has built a sizable following in the local milk tea scene and it does help that the drinks come in reusable tumblers.

2. Yi Fang


If you’re craving for a healthier and fresher kind of tea, Yi Fang is here to satisfy your craving.  Considered as one of the best milk teas from Taiwan, Yi Fang makes all their drinks fresh and only uses fresh products without any preservatives.

Their menu offers the customer a wide and unique selection to choose from such as sugar cane drinks, tea lattes, and fruit teas. One of their best-sellers is their Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte where unlike most milk teas, the pearls are cooked in brown sugar which gives the drink a unique flavor. The drink also makes a cool swirl when you mix it which adds to the presentation. If brown sugar isn’t your thing, you can try their Wintermelon Milk or their Signature Fruit Tea.

1. Tiger Sugar Milk Tea


The current cool kid in town, no other milk tea brand has caused such a commotion as Tiger Sugar Milk Tea. Despite currently having only one store in BGC that opened in December 2018, Tiger Sugar Milk Tea is one of the most talked about brands right now. Long lines with wait times of up to an hour happen daily at their store.

A popular milk tea shop from Singapore and Hong Kong, Tiger Sugar Milk Tea gets its name from the brown sugar syrup on the sides of the cup which resembles tiger stripes. If you do decide to wait in the long lines, try their Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse which is milk tea with pearls and topped with a creamy mousse. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also Instagram worthy too. (PS, there’s a newly-opened Tiger Sugar Milk Tea branch in Eastwood, so the line isn’t that long yet!)

Do you agree with our God Tier milk tea places? Let us know which milk tea brands that you think deserve this spot!