5 Inspiring Zillennial Women That Are Slaying Hollywood Right Now

It’s International Women’s Day – a day when we celebrate women’s achievements. We remember Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earheart, and all the other amazing women in the past that have contributed greatly, in their own way, to society.

We should remember Oprah Winfrey, who delivered a beautiful speech at the Golden Globes this year about being a leader. Let’s not forget Catt Sadler, who was brave enough to reveal that her departure from E! was because of getting lesser income compared to his male co-anchors. Also Jessica Chastain, who tied together her pay with Octavia Spencer so that Octavia could increase her pay five-fold on their upcoming project together.

But today, let’s bring light to these amazing young women in Hollywood who actively influence the youth to start making a difference early. To remind us that even at a young age, we have the ability to speak out and create a ripple effect.


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Zendaya, in every appearance that she makes, always has something inspiring to say to the world, and she does it in the most graceful way possible. Her most recent one was at the Oscars, where she presented Keala Settle before her performance of This Is Me from their movie, The Greatest Showman.


Yara Shahidi

Following Zendaya’s footsteps, the rising star of Grownish, Yara Shahidi is an intellectual spitfire. On her 18th birthday, she celebrated by hosting a ‘voting party’ called “18 by 18,” where she encouraged young people to register to increase voter turnout among the younger generation for the next election.

“Our generation realizes that age has never been a limit in terms of social activity and being able to look back at the civil rights movement… and see that it does not matter how old you are to get engaged,” Yara said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey (via ET.) “If anything, it is so important to make it our mission, especially if you have the privilege to do so, to be socially aware and to help our global community.”

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard is one brave soul who’s never afraid to speak her mind about social injustice, feminism, and politics. We’ve seen her actively speak out on social media and give speeches in Women’s March. Now, after working three years on her book, she finally releases #StillHere.

This 16-year old Disney star shares her ‘personal scrapbook of the world’ through her book. She describes modern girlhood by sharing poems from her favorite writers, and an intimate reflection on what it means being a teenager in today’s world.

Amandla Stenberg

Another young woman on the rise right now is Everything, Everything star, Amandla Stenberg. You’ve probably seen this 19-year old as little Rue in Hunger Games. Now, they’re all grown up and ready to take on the world!

Fun fact: Amandla was up for the role of Shuri (now played by the brilliant Letitia Wright.) But they walked away from the role due to their lighter complexion.

Apparently, Amandla (who identifies as non-binary) had gotten close to booking the role, but they realized that it wasn’t right.

Storm Reid

Storm Reid is the youngest in the list of rising stars that we love this year! Starring in her first major role, the A Wrinkle In Time actress will be the zillennial to look up to. What we see in her is the future of this generation; a young woman who’s socially aware, actively participating, and representing young Hollywood.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Storm Reid says, “I just feel like women should be treated equally, not only in this industry but in all industries, because unfortunately we’re not. To be a woman and to be using my voice for Time’s Up and just showing the world, ‘We are here and we are valuable. And we can do good things and we can be just as great as men.’”

We can look back to all the women who have inspired us and influenced us to make a significant change. But us zillennials are the ones who will shape tomorrow.

That’s why we should celebrate these young women who use their platform to influence the world into a better place. Did these zillennial celebrities inspire you too? Share this post and let us know who else we should look up to!