5 Qualities That Make Cersei Lannister the Ultimate Evil Queen

We all know who Cersei Lannister is. She definitely got our blood pressure soaring up above the skies for more times than we can count. She has us all gritting our teeth with her sarcasm, her intelligence and all her evil traits that makes Cersei who she is. Here are the top five qualities of the lioness that makes her so good at being evil.

She had a unique kind of affairs.

Everyone knows about her most shocking relationship with a blonde knight who is actually her brother. The said lovey-dovey moments with her brother was actually while she was married too; no shame in that. She also may have had some romance with her cousin; a young boy around adolescent age. There are more really, but you get the point.

She has no mercy. Never had and never will.

The number of characters this woman had killed can probably reach to thousands, no exaggeration there. From season one to the season finale, she has caused the deaths of major characters, to minor characters, to even unknown background characters. She had blown up an entire city, sent people to war, murdered someone’s innocent daughter, killed an honest good man, beheaded a poor direwolf, butchered a kitchen boy and all that good stuff. She also may or may not force you to stare at the dead body or decapitated head of your beloved one too. There is also the option of her killing your loved ones right before your eyes. Another option which is probably her favorite is wherein she causes the death sneakily through her lies, manipulation and power.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. She is the ultimate queen of lies.

Speaking of lies, she lies. All the time. If she were Pinocchio, the length of her nose would have probably conquered the seven kingdoms. Although it must be said that she is great at it. She achieved so much by lying, she killed so much by lying, and she brought demise upon herself by lying too.

She is a survivor.

From losing her three children, being imprisoned like a slave, and walking the entire city naked while a mob attacks her, Cersei stood strong against it all. She continued being a queen, with her head high and proud, her exterior exuding cold elegance. Well, they did say weeds are hard to kill. However, Cersei Lannister is in another whole level of tough. She is a survivor and fighter. Slap her face and she will murder your entire town. Cut her hair and imprison her, and you get cities and its people burned to ashes. There is a reason she survived throughout all those seasons.

Power is power.

Cersei loves power. She will do anything to keep it and she knows how to use it. She herself on her own, is  formidable enemy already. Her lies, her deceit, manipulation, knowledge and experience makes her a great player in the “game of thrones.” However, pair it with a zombie kingsguard, a mad physician, a trained army of knights, a number of war ships and her family name, then you have one of the most powerful and evil queen there is.

In short, Cersei is really bad for the health. She is ruthless and conniving. She is beautiful and charming. She is intelligent and independent. Hence, no matter how much you hate her and wish for her character to disappear, she still pops up season per season. She is one tough evil queen, who is hard to defeat.  The ultimate evil queen.