5 Simple Tips to Make New Friends in College if You’re Shy

College life brings about a whole new wave of experiences. On one hand, there are tests and projects to stress over or new schedules to work around with. For many, social life is also given a huge priority.

Going to college with the thought of coming across hundreds of new faces can be either exciting or scary–even a mix of both. If you’re on the shy side, this thought can make you a little more anxious. But not to worry, we’ve rounded up a few tips on how to make new friends with ease.

1. Participate in your orientation activities

Some of you may dismiss your college orientation activities as lame or boring. But aside from learning the basics that would make your college life easier, this is also a great way to be forced to interact with new faces.

2. Join an organization

This may be one of the easiest ways to meet like-minded people, as your interest in the organization already shows that you have something in common. Striking up a conversation with potential friends will definitely be a lot more relaxed!

3. Try a Study Group

If you and your classmates have a difficult test coming up, you might want to consider forming a study group. Aside from being efficient, you may be surprised with the fact that you will want to hang out with some of them even after your study sessions.

4. Chat with Your Seatmates

If a big classroom full of people daunts you a little bit, take things one step at a time and simply chat with the person next to you. Being in the same class already gives you a number of ice breakers!

5. Use Social Media

Social media is actually a great way to find new friends. You may join groups for your school or check out the details of events posted online. However, don’t forget the second half of this strategy, which is to actually go out there and meet those people!