5 Surprising Flavors From Our Favorite Childhood Candies

When you think of candy, like Mentos for example, what flavor comes to mind? Mint, right? And with Chupa Chups, it’s something sweet like Strawberries and Cream. With Airheads, it’s something sour like raspberry or green apple.

Candies mentioned above have iconic flavors that are immediately associated with their names. We’ve been eating these candies since childhood, after all. But have you tasted their other flavors?

You would be surprised by how tasty their unusual flavors actually are! These are some of our favorites:

1. Cotton Candy Bubblegum

This is the best unusual candy from Chupa Chups. It tastes and feels like real cotton candy, but when it melts in your mouth, it becomes a gum.

2. Choco Caramel Mentos

While Mentos are usually minty or fruity, this new choco caramel mentos tastes like an eclair. Caramelly on the outside, and rich chocolatey at the core.

3. Sour Bites

It’s like sour tape, but with gummy-bear-like texture.

4. Sour Infernals

This lollipop is so sour that it could burn your tongue! It even comes with caution; not suitable for anyone below six years old.

5. Airheads Mystery

If you were curious enough to try the Airheads Mystery flavor, it’s actually difficult to pinpoint what flavor it is. But it’s actually just a combination of all the leftover flavors from the other Airheads!

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