5 Things Edward Barber Did To Charm Maymay Entrata

It’s official: Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata, aka MayWard, are our OTP!

It was cuteness overload during the premiere of #MakingMEGAwithMayWard at IMAX Theater last night in SM Aura. The #MakingMEGAinGermany documentary, which you will also be able to watch here, showed us a side of MayWard that we’ve never seen before!

Not only did the MEGA team and photographer Mark Nicdao produce stunning images in Germany, Maymay also dished what led her to have a deep relationship with Edward.

Swoon in 3, 2, 1…

There’s no denying that the half-German, half-Filipino star is good-looking. Any girl could take one look at Edward and think that he’s attractive. Funnily enough, his features are quite similar to Maymay’s ultimate celebrity crush, Enrique Gil. But nope! It’s not his charming smile, resemblance to Enrique, nor his foreign features that piqued Maymay’s interest (though it is a bonus.)

Wacky face

Surprise! It’s Edward’s wacky face. Maymay is known for her priceless reactions and epic silly faces. It happened two weeks after Edward entered the Pinoy Big Brother house. MayWard were starting to get to know each other and she realized that they had something in common.

Maymay: “Mga two weeks na, nagkakaintindihan na kami. Kasi first time kong makakita ng foreigner na marunong magwacky face. As in! Nagagaya niya ako!

Edward: “She’s weird. I was like, ‘okay. There’s someone who thinks like me.'”

Good conversations

Physical attraction can only get you so much, but Edward happens to be a good conversationalist too, according to Maymay in the documentary.

Maymay: “Si Edward, ang buong akala ko, yan lang siya: nagpapatawa, tahimik, nagbabasa, matalino. Yun lang yung alam ko sakanya. Pero nung nagsimula kaming magusap, may deep side siya. Yung mga advice niya sobrang lalim.”


This duo have grown to care for each other overtime. According to Maymay, he would do anything to make her feel important.

Ang gwapo na, caring pa,” said Maymay as she covers her face with her hand, an obvious blush on her cheeks.


Being supportive is one of the most important traits Edward has that Maymay really appreciates. In any relationship, you should have each other’s backs.

Maymay: “Ang pinakagusto ko sakanya, yung pagiging supportive niya. Kung ano yung kulang sakanya, kung ano kulang ko, sasabihin namin sa isa’t isa.

Edward: “We always look after each other, like having each others backs. ”

Down to Earth

Lastly, a trait that would never fail to charm anyone is humility. Edward, despite being brought up privileged both in lifestyle and looks, remains to be humble and grounded. In an industry where fame could sometimes get in your head, the pair made a promise:

Edward: “Maymay and I promised each other na huwag lalaki ulo. She said, ‘Edward if I see your head getting bigger, or become arrogant, do I have permission to stop you?’ And I said yes.”

In return, Edward asked, “Maymay do I have permission to stop you? She said no,” he ended with a lighthearted laughter.

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