5 Times Asec. Mocha Uson Proved That She Needs to Take A Break

Who would have thought that a then-sexy performer would soon secure a post in the National Government? Not a single soul.

Mocha Uson was commonly known for her reputation in the entertainment industry as a sexy dancer. In fact, she and her group, Mocha Girls first used Facebook as a platform for all their sex-related tips, naming the page Mocha Uson Blog. Whereas in 2016, Mocha Uson turned herself into a political blogger and used the Mocha Uson Blog to rally a campaign for Rodrigo Duterte during the Presidential Election.

Not long after winning the presidency, the President took notice of the efforts of the blogger. Duterte then appointed her as a board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

When May of 2017 started, Mocha got appointed to a bigger office. She became the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary.

One thing’s for sure: Mocha was best in character development.

When she first exposed herself in the political sphere, it may or may not have been her goal to assume a post in the government itself. But we could clearly see that she did wonders to try and change up her image.

Back then, Mocha and her clique were on top of the entertainment industry as a sexy girl group. In fact, the group even appeared in Willie Revillame’s noon time show Wowowee in 2008, which aired nationally. But apparently, the all-girl group’s leader wanted to take a different path.

Today, even though she is the PCOO Asec. and earning at least P106,454 monthly- excluding allowances and bonuses- Mocha continues to show her true colors. By this, we mean being uncensored in attacking anyone who goes against the current administration.

meg.onemga.com mocha uson i-pederalismo

For the sake of keeping records, here are 5 times she proved that she needed to take a break from all her activities as PCOO Asec:

1. She is the patroness of busting fake news but ironically creating them too

Mocha shed light on the term presstitute, a wordplay between press and prostitute. Meaning: the media or press who allow themselves to be paid to spread propaganda. She tries busting several media networks in which she perceives as fake news. Yet in her blog, she tends to use images that are not hers in her commentaries, sometimes even out of context, and simply call them symbolism. In one of her posts, Mocha shared the story of a young girl who was killed during a drug raid. She used a photo of a dead girl lying near the bushes. It turns out, the photo was not from the Philippines. It was from an article of a 9-year-old girl allegedly killed and raped by her own grandfather in Brazil.

2. She is furiously disrespectful towards the Vice President

Para sayo ito Leni Robredo makinig kaFull video- goo.gl/2W6QN9

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mocha Uson expressed her anger at Vice President Leni Robredo through a national radio show. She called her names like “fake VP” and “bobo” because the VP allegedly badmouthed the Philippines to the international community about the situation on the war on drugs. At the end of her commentary, she quoted former Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella about a national leader being careful and responsible with her words. As the PCOO Assistant Secretary and considered a national leader, shouldn’t she be careful and responsible for her own words too?

3. She got the Philippine Constitution wrong

A little over a year ago, she called out a tobacco company for a tax evasion case. In her post, she cited article ‘263 of The Philippine Constitution.’ Weirdly enough, the 1987 Philippine Constitution only has 18 articles. Asec Uson is 245 articles over.

However, she posted an erratum of her previous post, yet still pointing fingers at the Vice President.

Erratum: In a previous post, I posted Article 263 of PH constitution. It is Section 263 of the Tax Code. However,…

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Thursday, 23 March 2017

4. A year has passed, and these are her accomplishments

meg mocha uson 2017 accomplishments
Courtesy of Presidential Communications Operations Office

Simply put, her accomplishments are mainly just attending, visiting, accompanying the president, and covering events.

5. Her federalism campaign stunt

We all feel the President’s urgency in pushing federalism. Which is why the Consultative Committee tapped Asec. Uson to drive help in disseminating information about federalism. According to reports, the Palace is ready to allot P90 million in federalism drive, this includes the PCOO.

WATCH: Sneak peek of our federalism lecture series entitled "Kain Pepedederalismo", hosted by MOCHA USON BLOG and Drew Olivar.

Posted by Malacañang Events and Catering Services on Saturday, 4 August 2018

A few days ago, Uson posted a video of her and co-host Drew Olivar who performed a malicious dance for the federalism drive. Olivar sings “i-pepe, i-dede, i-pederalismo.” Even Senator Koko Pimentel called the action bulls**t.

According to the Executive Order No. 4, a few of the PCOO’s main functions are to maintain local and international field offices to ensure that accurate information is efficiently relayed to intended target audiences, coordinate and cultivate relations with private media. With the behavior that Mocha Uson has shown towards other politicians and the media in the past year, do you think she should take a break from her post as PCOO Assistant Secretary?