5 Simple Cheat Codes to Counterattack the Woe of Sleep Deprivation

In this day and age, life is busy non-stop, 24/7. Not getting enough sleep and feeling the sad weight of those eyebags has become the norm now, whether you’re a dying student or a burned-out worker. And not getting enough sleep affects your performance the next day. You may tend to malfunction one way or another (i.e. being “lutang” or “bangag.”)

So, how can you counterattack sleep deprivation and perform your best despite the lack of sleep?

Here are 5 simple tips you can do to defeat sleep deprivation (besides drowning in coffee):

1. Throw in a Feast

When you are lacking sleep, the most basic thing to do is to eat and drink. It is important to give energy to your body through food and to drink up heavily on water to lessen fatigue, headache and lack of concentration. Drinking caffeine is good too. Just remember to keep it in moderation or else it might backfire and keep you up the next night.

2. Glam Up

Just because you are sleep deprived and are probably feeling horrible on the inside, doesn’t mean it should affect what you wear too. Instead, try to look better than you feel. Knowing you look presentable can help boost your confidence and inspire you to perform your job efficiently and perfectly.

3. Embrace the Light

We get it. When you are sleep deprived, you end up hating the light–be it sunlight or ceiling lights. You’d rather be on your bed, inside the covers where darkness lulls you to sleep. But being exposed to light alerts your body and naturally wakes up your brain which allows you to function better.

4. Move

The hardest thing to do while trying to wake up is to move. But trust that when you start to move, it gets easier. Doing a light workout is the ideal way to wake up your senses since it gets your blood circulating. But then again, if you are busy, your level of exhaustion and time constriction varies. So, if you are too tired or lazy to do a light workout, simple stretches will do. If that is still too much for you, then even a simple walk will do the trick. Being physically active even in the tiniest bit can help heighten your energy and overall mood throughout the day.

5. Go for a nap

Since you are sleep deprived, sleeping seems like such a wonderful idea. An idea which could only be in fruition after how many hours once you’re back in bed. Don’t worry though! You can always take a nap. A brief nap of 10-20 minutes is enough to improve brain function and serve as a recharge. Make sure not to nap too long, or turn your nap into actual sleep since this will make it harder for you to wake up again and may even interfere with your proper sleep later on.

So there you have it! Eat for energy, stay hydrated, believe in the “look good, feel good” quote, say hello to the sun, move for a “wake me up,” and take a nap. All these can help you counterattack the malfunction that comes with your lack of sleep.

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