5 Style Trends You Need To Try This 2017

We all know that the ’90s and the ’80s are slowly creeping back in to our wardrobe with the likes of denim, belt bags, and velvet pieces. But other than that, there are more pieces that are making an even bigger comeback this year. We’ve listed down 6 pieces we swear on the fashion gods that put the passion in fashion this 2017. 

1. Super Stripes

5 Style Trends

Stripes are making a back to back appearance this year, but this time they’re going BIG. Lines that are more bold and visible will give you that personality boost you want everyone to see.

2. Giant Earrings

5 Style Trends

It’s the time to be brave, and you don’t get to do that by playing safe. Dare to wear giant earrings and own the day.

3. Flat Mules

5 Style Trends

Ran out of sh*ts to give? Wear flat mulesThe world doesn’t have to be conquered in heels.

4. Graphic Tees

5 Style Trends

When all is said and done, let your shirt do the talking. Trust us. This one never gets old.

5. Headwraps

5 Style Trends

Sun’s out, wrap’s out. Protect your hair from the high sun with a fashion forward cover.

This article was originally published on Vol. 2 of Meg’s February 2017 E-Magazine
Text: Therese Sta. Maria