7 Timeless Songs from Classic Movies That Will Totally Give You LSS

Good films can literally move their audience through story-telling, especially with the right choice of music.

For instance, Jack and Rose from Titanic wouldn’t have been that dramatic, standing at the tip of the ship without My Heart Will Go On. Or Simba being raised up in front of the whole animal kingdom without the song Circle of Life . It all goes down to the right choice of music and the perfect momentum.

With that, we rounded up 7 classic songs from classic movies that will surely leave you singing out loud all day!

7. Electric Love (Nerve)

Electric Love was played during the motorcycle ride of Vee (Emma Roberts)  and Ian (Dave Franco) after being dared to go to New York. This Alternative/Indie song is both soothing and upbeat that will surely give you blissful feels.

Watch the full scene here:

6. Sweet Disposition (500 days of Summer)

This was played when Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) toured Summer (Zooey Deschanel) to see the beautiful cityscapes.  The scene ends in a park where Tom and Summer usually meet and talk.

Watch the full scene here:

5. Heart Like Yours (If I Stay)

This song was played when Adam (Jamie Blackey), went to visit Mia (Chloe Moretz) in the I.C.U after her severe car accident with her family. Adam played Heart Like Yours to Mia while she was in a comatose.

Watch the full scene here:

4. Come on Eileen (Perks of Being a Wallflower)

This Alternative/Indie song was played during the Homecoming Dance of Sam (Emma Watson), Patrick (Ezra Miller), and Charlie (Logan Lerman). Once Sam heard the school is playing “good music”, they rushed to the dance floor and danced to their “Living room” jam.

Watch the full scene here:

3. Pocket Full Of Sunshine (Easy A)

This catchy song was played when Olive (Emma Stone) was given a birthday card. At first, she mentioned this as “one of the worst songs ever” after hearing it. However, after days of listening to it, she got addicted and just couldn’t help but sing her heart out in her bedroom.

Watch the full scene here:

2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (50 First Dates)

This song was one of the few things Lucy (Drew Barrymore) could remember before her accident. She sings this especially when she’s happy and in a stable condition.

1. Lost Stars (Begin Again)

Lost Stars is an original song by Adam Levine. It was used and performed in the movie by Kiera Knightley and Adam Levine himself.

Watch the full scene here:

What are your favorite timeless songs from classic movies? Let us know by sharing this post!

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