8 Inspiring Music Artists Who Are Open About Their Sexuality

In lieu of Pride Month, it is only appropriate to acknowledge some of the most famous artists who have come out to the public.

Representation is a crucial factor in the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ as it gives the community the visibility they need. Tolerance of the community is different from acceptance. Their presence is something that is acknowledged but avoided, and there is still prejudice present in the words they choose to speak and leave out, in the way they avert their eyes, and shift their bodies. Thus, it is important for people in the media to open up about this.

1. Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko is an American artist who wrote the song that has become the internet’s lesbian anthem garnering almost a hundred million views, Girls Like Girls. With the production of the song and its accompanying video, she feels as if she is finally able to tell her story. Having been casted in a number of teen television shows and writing songs with vague lyrical pronouns, Hayley aspires to create music that can reassure people like her that they’re not alone just as she had felt in her early years.

2. Sam Smith

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Of course, it is no surprise that English singer-songwriter Sam Smith makes it to the list. Sam Smith had found out he’s gay at the young age of four years old, and decided to come out before releasing his first album at 19 so that people will know what to look forward to and what to brace themselves for.

3. Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is also one of the most famous queer artists of our generation. He has had experiences that is telling of his sexual awakening in his early teen years that he also shared as a YouTuber. Troye has used music in order to communicate his sexuality and who he is to the listeners and his fans.

4. Lauren Jauregui

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Lauren is an American singer, most well known as one of the members of Fifth Harmony. She is also known for speaking her voice in political matters. She has written open letters as criticism for the 2016 presidential elections. Moreover, she has also used this platform to come out as bisexual to the public. Her courage and tenacity for voicing out her opinions and stance is definitely something to commend.

5. Sia

With her eccentric and peculiar art style, Sia has caught the attention of the public. However, she is not afraid of that attention as she refuses to hide aspects of her that she knows shouldn’t be feared. Even in the early 2000’s, Sia has already come out as bisexual at some interviews, and stands as that until now.

6. Halsey

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Not only is Halsey known for her hit songs such as Colors and New Americana, she is known for being outspoken about her sexuality. Halsey is unapologetically bisexual, as every bisexual should be. She uses her voice as a platform for bisexual representation and to shed light on the misconceptions that come with it.

7. Kehlani

i want to take the time to say thank you for all of the support, but also mention that when you call me brave, i have to credit those who inspire my “bravery” and who i consider to be more brave than i could ever be. as a non black passing, hetero passing queer person, i don’t get nearly as much shit as some. those who do are the very people who founded pride, who fight the hardest and deal with the most… black queer / black trans people. the most strong people i know, whilst being the most loving from my experience. thank you for your fight, i am an extension of your teachings and legacies, and only hope as i grow to honor those who inspire me, and give the credit where it’s truly due. i hope to only add ammo to this fight, and point my viewers and supporters in the direction of the ORIGIN. i love y’all. we love y’all, cuz you always loved us. bless! @papermagazine

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There are still sexualities in the spectrum that still confuses and are not quite digestible to a number of people. Kehlani recently opened up about one of these as she came out as queer. Not a lot of people are familiar with the term, and some are even discomforted by it. However, Kehlani still sparked a discussion on the usage of the terminology on Twitter. She had recently deleted a tweet that talks of how she defines queer – being sexually attracted to anyone regardless of their gender and sexuality – due to a misunderstanding of how the term is used. Nonetheless, she still stands as queer and is proud with a number of people supporting her.

8. Janelle Monae

“Being a black queer woman in America … someone who has been in relationships with both men and women — I consider myself to be a free-** motherf**ker,”Janelle says in an interview with the Rolling Stones. She had initially described her sexual orientation to be bisexual. But after reading about other parts of the spectrum, she considers herself as pansexual which is defined as the sexual attraction towards people with no regards to their sex and gender. Although she hadn’t been open about her sexuality years ago, she says that she had used music as an outlet to represent her sexuality.

There are a number of artists in the music industry that have come out publicly. It’s inspiring to see how they’re not afraid to show the world that their sexuality is a part of them. They break the boundaries that stereotypes have put around them by doing the unexpected — coming out. Speaking out so openly about such a controversial issue is something that normally isn’t expected of them. However, by doing so, they prove that no matter what sexuality they have, they are still people deserving of respect.