8 Creepy Pastas That Will Keep You Up Tonight (And the Next Few Nights)

If watching films, series or documentaries to scare yourself this Halloween are not your thing, then try reading horror and paranormal stories from Creepy Pasta, to you know, keep the tradition and feel the spooky Halloween vibe.

Creepy Pasta is a website where writers upload their horror stories. Most pastas (aka stories) in the website are so spine-chilling, it will definitely keep you up all night or a few more if you’re a scaredy cat!

After scrolling through pastas the past week, we listed down 8 of the freakiest stories! Good luck sleeping at night.

8. The Portraits

meg creepypasta the portraits

Length: Tiny

Rating: 4.64/5 by 693 users

Starting off one of the shortest yet best pastas out there, The Portraits will surely get you hooked with Creepy Pasta. This pasta will also make you think of windows a lot differently. Does your window have curtains?

7. Four Hours It Stared

meg creepypasta four hours it stared

Length: Long

Rating: 4.75/5 by 475 users

If you want a pasta that is very visual, read Four Hours It Stared. This pasta is set in the Philippines (mainly in Metro Manila) so you can imagine more of the telltale of the narrator of how her evening went. Currently, this is the highest-rated story on the website.

6. The Rake

meg creepypasta the rake

Length: Medium

Rating: 4.48/5 by 394 users

The Rake is one of the most famous pastas in history. There are over two dozen documented sightings reported of the same creepy creature with long limbs and hollow black eyes called The Rake. According to the people who saw it, The Rake watches people while they sleep.

5. The Russian Sleep Experiment

meg creepypasta the russian sleep experiment

Length: Medium

Rating: 4.68/5 by 518 users

During World War II, scientists experimented that made five people stay awake for fifteen days using gas as stimulant. As expected, the controlled group would soon experience intense paranoia. Few days have past and the experiment has kept them doomed.

4. 1999

meg creepypasta 1999

Length: Huge

Rating: 4.55/5 by 474 users

1999 is a story about a gore TV show in 1999 that is so morbid, the police had to shut it down. In one of its episodes, it showed a kid’s hand being cut off and dissected with a pair of sharp scissors by two adults laughing furiously.

3. Lightning

meg creepypasta lightning

Length: Short

Rating: 4.67/5 by 412 users

This could be the creepiest pasta on the website. It’s a story of a boy who is seeing lightning from outside his windows at night for numerous days. Little did he and his mother know that the lightning is not what they thought it was.

2. Midnight Dancer

meg creepypasta midnight dancer

Length: Short

Rating: 4.63/5 by 417 users

Have you had encounters of waking up at 3AM? If you’re used to getting up after waking up in the wee hours, remember this story so next time you know you should just stay asleep.

1. 630-296-7536

meg creepypasta ‎630-296-7536

Length: Medium

Rating: 4.63/5 by 682 users

Pro-tip: No matter what, do not call 630-296-7536.

Which of these pastas did you get goosebumps from? Share this post with the creepiest pasta you’ve read!