5 Things We Learned About Adulting According to Senator Chiz Escudero

The best people we can ask advice from about adulting are the ones who have mastered it: the adults themselves.

49-year-old Senator Chiz Escudero sure knows all the twists and turns of adulting. As an adult himself, he has undergone the crisis we will all have to face at some point. Admit it: choosing a career path is terrifying. Love problems? Complicated. Getting a job? Nerve-wracking.

So what better way than to figure it out and learn a thing or two from a man who seems successful and content with his life today?

Senator Chiz Escudero is truly living the good life! In his interview with his wife, Heart Evangelista, Sen. Chiz shared his two cents about everything ~adulting.~

To sum it up, here’s what we learned from him from the video:

1. In choosing a career path, senator Chiz reminds us that: “some things aren’t meant to be. Some things aren’t for you and they are for other people.”

Keeping this in mind will help us be able to move on from the things that we badly want but do not end up getting. In Sen. Chiz’s case, he shared that just like all of us, he also got turned down from a job that he wanted. Turns out, this rejection led him to a career that suits him better. He shares that it is something that he is proud to talk about until today. He adds that if you think acing college will secure you a comfortable future, well… that’s not always the case.

2. “You just can’t prepare and study for a career after you graduate. You just kind of wade your way through.”

Even though school gives us 12 units of fundamentals of something and 18 units of basics of this and that, it’s really up to us on how we position ourselves in the path that we want to be in after we graduate.

Even after choosing a path, most of the time following our dreams and passion versus being practical and earning a lot will start bugging our head. Senator Chiz says:

“It won’t last if you don’t like what you’re doing…and you will find what you will be doing for the rest of your life.”

3. Sometimes the things we love doing won’t pay our bills, and there are times when we have to accept that our passion cannot feed a hungry stomach.

“It depends on what you need in a particular point in time in your life. If you need money, then go to where it pays well.”

Now comes the hardest part. At this point, you may be earning enough money and the urge to splurge starts kicking in and you see the sign “treat yo self” in your head, but always remember:

4. “Before you can invest, you should first save. And if you don’t need it, it’s expensive.”

Because it’s easier to spend than earn, we young adults must practice mindful shopping. Sen. Chiz’s pro tip is to think about it a couple of times before making a purchase. Always remember, the sale sign does not dictate what you need right now.

When you’re earning well, a different level of pressure kicks in. When you’re twenty-something, the pressure of getting out of your parents’ house and having to live on your own starts to fill your head. But come to think of it, close family ties are the culture we’ve all grown into. And having to live by your own is a western-kind-of-thing, just like the ones we watch in American films. Take it from the mouth of Sen. Chiz:

5. “Being independent should not be an objective. In a Filipino setting, you’re never really away or apart from your own family.”

For young adults diving into adulthood, the struggle of finding our purpose can make or break us. Sometimes, searching for a purpose can become too tiring. But always remember,

meg chiz escudero you should never stop

And if life gets in the way to beat you up again, always remember:

“You never count the number of times you fall. You simply count the number of times you get up. And that’s what matters the most. That’s what counts.”

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