Netizens React on Alden Richards 'Gaga narinig ka!' Viral Video

Alden Richards when his latest video greet to a fan went viral. The Kapuso actor is known for being nice and accommodating. No matter how exhausted he feels after a long day of work, Alden never rejects video greet requests! The very recent video greeting Alden did for a fan named Lara caught the attention of many. This is due to Alden’s unexpected reaction at the end of the video where he uttered the words, “Gaga, narinig ka!” addressing it to someone who seemed to have interrupted the recording. Related: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza To Star in Action Film Netizens reuploaded the video on social media and even gave it a title, Gaga Narinig Ka. Majority of the people who have seen it find it hilarious, while others are offended hearing Alden say a curse word. Watch the full video:

Here are some of the interesting reactions we saw on Twitter: Read more: