Andre Brouillette Apologizes To Lou Yanong's Father For Kissing Her

PBB: Otso took an interesting turn when Lou Yanong’s father, Michael Yanong, guested on the show to be able to have a word with Andre Brouillette. The sudden guesting of Mr. Yanong father comes after the controversial episode of PBB last March 4 where Lou and Andre were shown making out after a drinking session. Andre Brouillette RELATED: Normal or Inappropriate? PBB Housemates LouDre Kisses While Drunk The dating concept of “meeting the parents” came early for Andre Brouillette when Lou Yanong’s father, Michael, paid a visit to the PBB house to speak with him. Andre opened up about his feelings for Lou to her father when they met. “Honestly, she is one of the most amazing girls that I have ever met in my life. I have really started to like your daughter and she is absolutely an amazing girl and it’s definitely a pleasure to meet her father,” said Andre. The young housemate also took this opportunity to apologize to Michael for last week’s incident. “Out of respect, there’s one thing I do want to apologize to you. There’s one night when we did kiss and I want to apologize for that po, for rushing that,” Andre sincerely told Michael. Michael was accepting of Andre’s apology yet left him with one rule: no alcohol. “It’s okay, no worries about it. You made a decision for both of you. Things happen and maybe you would be kind of repentant of what happened and you said sorry and I accept your sorry. As a father I accept that and I just hope you would learn from it. I would tell you to take care of my daughter here, please do, and no alcohol,” said Michael. Watch the full meeting below: Does this mean that Mr. Yanong approves of Andre?