The Twitterverse Is Proof that the Angkas App Was Never Gone

Ever since its app release in December of 2016, motorcycle ride-hailing app, Angkas saved thousands of stranded Filipinos from Manila’s traffic. At the time, even with Grab and Uber, traveling around the metro can be a pain especially for those who do it on a daily basis. Which is why thousands of commuters every day opt to use this motorcycle ride-hailing app to bring them to their own destinations.

Its online presence was really strong. In fact, one would even mistake its Twitter page as a meme page. Followers definitely enjoyed the witty memes and captions. Not only were they able to engage with their target audiences very well, they were also able to capture the Filipino traffic experience perfectly. Only instead of being negative, they took a more comical route to make our traffic woes less depressing.

Here are some of their funniest posts on Twitter:

Fans were just as good in responding. With a service that knows and listens to its customers very well, the app received a generous amount of praise from followers. And who wouldn’t, the motorbikes were faster than cars, able to breeze through Manila’s labyrinths and passing congested roads with ease.

Unfortunately, November of 2017 saw LTFRB close its ride-hailing operations due to the absence of permits of some of their motorists.

This saddened a lot of Filipinos who depended on its quick response and fast transaction. Without the motorbikes, most users had to return to using commuter buses that stop on every commuter, and cabs who take advantage of many passengers’ helplessness. Being the total comedians they are, of course, they had to tweet about it, High School Musical style:

However, in December of 2017, the app transformed itself into a parcel delivery service. Again, they had to tell everybody about it, in a very PUNny way:

Also, the app did amazing at not only being REALLY present, but also very thematic, up to date, and seasonal:

And then yesterday came great news, Angkas is back! The original operations were allowed to resume its service. This is absolutely great news for Filipinos who commute on a daily basis. With the app back again, more riding options are available.

And here is how they told Twitterverse:

Finally, to answer the question if they were ever gone, the ride-hailing app responded: