Are Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong The New PBB Couple To Watch Out For?

Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO house! Andre Brouillette has just confessed on the show for his feelings for his fellow housemate Lou Yanong. The news of course reached Lou but through their other housemate Yamyam Gucong whom Andre had a separate sharing session with. RELATED: PBB Otso Housemates Get Their First Teleserye Roles In an exciting episode of PBB: Otso last Tuesday, Andre Brouillette admitted that he started to have feelings for Lou Yanong to their fellow housemate Tori Garcia. Andre and Lou Andre revealed that he started to like Lou from their first week in the house together but what prevented him from acting on his feelings was because of Abi [Kassem]. Abi admitted that she had feelings for Andre during the time that they were all still in the house together. “The whole thing with Abi totally restricted me from anything with her because I felt bad if I tried to do anything with Lou, Abi knowing that she had feelings, I kinda felt like me going for Lou in this whole situation was not the right thing to do,” shared Andre. Watch the Andre’s full confession to Tori below: Little did Andre know that while he was confessing his feelings for Lou to Tori, Yamyam Gucong was already telling Lou how Andre felt about her. In the separate corner of the house, Yamyam told Lou how Andre confessed about his feelings for Lou to them at a separate sharing session. “Sabi niya dati na may konting like siya sayo pero hindi pa siya sigurado,” Yamyam told Lou. Lou then confessed to Kuya that she got kilig over the new information that Yamyam told her. “Siyempre kuya, kinilig ng konti. Kasi matagal-tagal na akong hindi nakakaramdam ng kilig,” shared Lou at the confession room. Watch Yamyam’s conversation with Lou below: This looks like an exciting start of something new between Andre and Lou! How do you guys feel about them? Read more: