5 Questions We’re Asking After The Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Breakup

It was way too much too soon for both Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as they decided to call off their engagement, TMZ confirms.

In the past year, Ariana Grande has gone through traumatic things that changed and affected her up to this day. Like the Manchester Arena attack in April 2017 and the death of her ex-boyfriend and best friend, Mac Miller in September. After the rapper’s death, Ariana Grande is left in a heartbroken state, thus taking a hiatus until December to mourn and heal for Mac Miller’s passing.

In her recent tweets, Ari has posted several cryptic messages, showing that she doesn’t feel okay.

Still, Ariana remained to be with her fiance, Pete Davidson. But only for a few weeks after Mac Miller’s death. Though there is numerous solid proof that the two were really, really into each other, like their 4-month engagement (locked with a $93,000 engagement ring), 12 dedicated tattoos together, a $16m house, loads of Instagram posts of each other, and a pet piglet, it may not have been enough to keep them together.

Is Ari keeping the Grande rock?

meg grandson split engagement ring

In June, the two were revealed to be engaged after a few weeks of casually dating. Pete Davidson, a Saturday Night Live regular, bought a $93,000 ring, which is around P5 million. The 3-carat teardrop diamond ring by New York designer Greg Yuna is one hell of a ring. Is Ariana keeping the ring or will she give it back to Pete?

Where will Pete live now?

meg grandson split apartment

On the same month of the engagement, Ariana and Pete secured their ~future~ by buying an apartment in New York City, which Ariana shouldered most part of the cost. The $16m exclusive Chelsea apartment in NYC is where the lovebirds live. But now that it’s over, where will Pete live now? The ever-hilarious Twitterverse had a solution for Ariana’s ex. They started a gofundme page to raise funds so he has somewhere to sleep after moving out of the apartment.

Will there be tattoo cover-ups soon?

meg grandson split tattoos

It’s pretty evident that both Ari and Pete are big fans of tattoos. Even before their relationship, Pete is pretty much covered up with tattoos, while Ari is inked in a few, more hidden parts of her body. During their relationship, the two shared about 12 dedicated tattoos with each other, some of them are matchy. Some of them are names and initials of each other, quotes, and the badge number of Pete’s late father. Earlier this month, Pete is seen with a tattoo cover-up of then-symbol of Dangerous Woman that he first had in June.

Will Ariana delete photos of them in her IG?

meg grandson split IG

When Ariana falls in love, she sure as heck makes sure that the world knows about it, hence their photos together in her IG since the relationship minted. But now that they’re over, will she let photos and videos with Pete be lying around her account? To be fair, Pete also loves showing off their romance online. However, he already deleted his entire Insta and other social media accounts long before the break-up to stay away from “negative energy.”

Who’s keeping the piglet?

meg grandson split piggy smalls

Just last month, Ariana and Pete adopted their little baby, a piglet named Piggy Smalls. Being a child of a pop star and an SNL regular, Piggy Smalls surely had a comfortable life. Piggy Smalls solely starred in a video Ariana posted last week that everybody loved and adored! Pete Davidson, again, got inked with a portrait of the little pig. But now that Piggy Smalls’ parents are separated, who’s keeping the cute little pig?

Ariana and Pete clearly have so much love for each other, so the last question is… Is it really over for the two? Or do they still have a chance of rekindling the romance?

What do you think will happen after? Share this post if you hope for the best for these two!

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