Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza Show PDA During Surprise Birthday Party

It seems like Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza are slowly getting more comfortable with showing their love for each other in public! Apart from being more visible as a couple on social media, the two have now started attending social events together, the latest being Maine Mendoza’s late birthday bash where Arjo was caught on camera stealing a kiss on Maine’s shoulder.

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During Maine Mendoza’s late birthday party organized by Solid Maine United last weekend, Arjo was spotted planting a kiss on his other half’s shoulder.

Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza have a PDA moment during Maine's surprise birthday party

The act was documented on video by Instagram user @everythingarmaine.

Watch the video below:

We love how Arjo tried to be sneaky with that kiss!

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