‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Spoiler-Free Review: Unforgiving

In every Marvel movie over the past decade, we’ve seen victories of hero after hero. We’ve grown attached to the characters and trust that they would be able to win their battles. In all 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies leading to the Infinity War, we felt the threat of ‘end-of-the-world’ plots, but deep down, we know that our heroes would be able to survive it.

This time in Infinity War, fans are finally going to feel what it’s like to be on the losing side.


There’s only one word that properly describes Avengers: Infinity War: unforgiving.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were able to pull off the darkest plot in the history of the MCU. Fans were pushed to the edge of their seats as they finally got the heavily-anticipated faceoff between Thanos and The Avengers. But even with this heavy of a storyline, the film still managed to make us laugh. There was nothing short of witty one-liners and hilarious exchange of banters in perfect comedic timing.

This is the biggest crossover in Marvel history; with The Avengers and The Guardians of The Galaxy teaming up to defeat, Thanos – the most powerful entity of all. It’s definitely a challenge to pack all these superheroes in a two-hour and 30-minute movie, but each of the characters was given a perfect story transition and a chance for a meaningful story arc.

With that being brought up, let’s talk about some of our favorite character story arcs in Avengers: Infinity War (without spoilers!)


Thor isn’t just about his muscular body and deep voice. The movie closely picks up after the ending of Thor: Ragnarok. So let’s remember that he just lost half of his people in Asgard after watching his home destroyed. Thor is angry, anxious, and mourning. In his quest to avenge what he lost, Thor relentlessly fought – becoming one of the key characters throughout the film.


Tom Holland once again proves why he’s the perfect actor to play our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In this film, Peter Parker is no longer just a spidey-wearing kid in Queens. In fact, Peter’s genius mind plays the biggest role in his team-up with Iron Man and Doctor Strange. The best thing about Tom’s portrayal? The essence of youth that doesn’t leave his character.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision

One would think that a love story arc during the war seems cliche and unnecessary. But the dynamic between Wanda and Vision perfectly paved the way for a smooth story flow.


I’ll keep this short: this 16-year old princess is a genius unlike any other… And it took only one scene to prove that.


It’s all been leading to this. @Avengers: #InfinityWar #Gamora

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In this film, we get to learn more about Gamora’s past. She who is known as a fierce warrior will finally show a side of her that is vulnerable and soft.

That being said, every character in this movie were given a chance to redeem themselves. These were just some of my favorites.

So yes, even your favorite Avenger is vulnerable as they face Thanos. No one is safe.

Which makes me think: was this even a Disney-run film at all?