The Plot Thickens: Woman From Vietnam’s The Bachelor Returns To Competition

Viewers of the Asian TV show The Bachelor: Vietnam were left shocked after a contestant dumped her eligible date in the show to confess her love for one of the other female contestants.

If you’ve seen the video on social media, the contestant who confessed is Minh Thu. In the clip, she goes to her fellow contestant, Truc Nhu, to tell her to leave the show with her.

Here’s what went rounds on Twitter:

Twitterverse applauds Minh Thu’s brave confession in The Bachelor: Vietnam

The Twitter world applauded the bold confession Minh Thu has made. According to the Twitterverse, this could serve as a great example for the LGBT community to confess their true selves to the world without hesitation.

The Plot Thickens

In a crazy turn of events, after the two left the show together, Truc Nhu then changed her mind and left the young lady who confessed her love for her to re-enter the competition. After a heart-to-heart talk with the bachelor named Quoc Trung, she decides to stay.

This, once again, left the audiences in shock as Minh Thu’s love was rejected by Nhu’s confusion. The Bachelor: Vietnam Female Contestant Confesses Her Love to Another Female Then Left the Show
Photo Courtesy of NextShark

As to what happened next after the Truc’s decision is unknown yet. For now, Minh Thu’s confession set an example for the LGBT community; to be honest with themselves and the people around them.

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