Back to School: Where To Shop for the Cutest Supplies


With a new school year just around the corner, one has to start preparing for class. Step up your game with the help of these shops that provide you with the best (and the prettiest) school supplies!

1. Community
Community Journal

For those whose ~aesthetic~ is more earthy and minimalist, meet the local brand called Community. Their products are inspired by materials such as concrete, wood and marble, creating the perfect accessory for your IG post!

2. Muji

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Seriously, who wasn’t in love with Muji the moment it came to Manila? Although their products include household items and apparel, it is their stationary that captures the charm of the brand: simple and practical.

3. Typo

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Originally hailing from Singapore, Typo came to Manila only a couple of years ago and since then, it has grown to be a favorite. The shop sells anything and everything fun and quirky, from your basic school supplies (in very creative designs, of course) to room decorations to random trinkets. Because each piece has a personality of its own, Typo definitely has something for everyone.

4. National Book Store

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Last but definitely not the least, National Book Store is a place we’ve surely all been to for our many school-related needs. Like a friend who will always have our backs, you can always count on them for books or basic supplies!