Bailey May Clarifies Misunderstandings With Ylona Garcia

Around July of 2018, BaiLona love team came to an abrupt end when the two performers decided to focus on their solo careers.  Taking a quick break from touring with international pop group Now United, Bailey May is back in the Philippines to revisit his home town and some issues that he has left behind. Now more than half a year later, Bailey is opening up and shedding more light to what really happened during the love team’s split. RELATED: Bailey May Says He Does Not Miss Ylona Garcia In Bailey’s guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda last Monday night, the singer opened up about what happened with him and his former love team partner Ylona Garcia. Bailey May Host Boy Abunda first asked if Bailey and Ylona are still in speaking terms to which the actor replied, “Yes po. I think it’s just a massive misunderstanding, it wasn’t anything bad.” Bailey May Tito Boy then probed Bailey as to why he unfollowed Ylona last year to which the singer said, “I was just reacting to things people said, I didn’t have any proper, legit information.” Bailey then explained that he and Ylona were not dating yet he was just assuming that they both had a mutual understanding. “I expected you know that she’d like me back as well,” shared Bailey. The singer admitted to learning from what transpired between him and Ylona and has now moved on from it. “I’ve realized that I made a mistake by rushing into conclusion. So yeah, I just followed her back,” shared Bailey. Now, Bailey can definitely say that he has no more excess emotional baggage when it comes to Ylona. “Magkaibigan na kami,” said Bailey. While we still yearn to see BaiLona reunite, we’re happy that the two young singers are at least friends again! Watch the full snippet of the interview below: Read more: