Barbie Imperial Sheds Light on How JM de Guzman Hurt Her

Barbie Imperial has opened up about the events that transpired between her and her former love team partner, JM de Guzman in a heartfelt interview with Boy Abunda.

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In her latest guesting on Tonight with Boy Abunda last night, Barbie Imperial shared details of her quick relationship with JM de Guzman.

Barbie Imperial

Host Boy Abunda first opened up the topic by bringing up a tweet that Barbie posted the day after JM de Guzman’s TWBA episode aired where she said, “Once a liar, always a liar.” Tito Boy asked if the tweet was about JM to which Barbie replied, “Opo.

When asked to further explain, the actress said, “Kasi po yung ibang detalye lang, parang hindi ko lang na-take, na parang siguro kahit 1 percent naman minahal mo naman ako, diba? [Bakit] naman kailangan magsinungaling?”

It was at a later segment in the episode where Barbie was asked to react to certain snippets of JM’s interview with Tito Boy where details behind her “Once a liar, always a liar,” tweet was revealed.

In the snippet that was shown, Tito Boy asked JM if he and Barbie were ever together to which the actor replied, “Hindi po. Pero I tried. I tried to pursue her. Yun, medyo yung pressure nung trabaho, sakanya at sakin, yung career, parehas kaming, siya kaka-launch lang, ako kakabalik ko lang, so in-short hindi nag work.”

Tito Boy then asked JM for the duration of their relationship to which the actor replied, “Mga wala pa yatang 1 month ‘yun.

Barbie Imperial

At this point in the segment, Tito Boy asked Barbie if this snippet is what irked her and the actress said yes. “Madaming madami po kasi ‘yun Tito Boy eh. Pwedeng pinursue ka niya na seryoso talaga siya, pwedeng pinursue ka din niya na may iba din pala, pwedeng pinursue ka niya na parang gusto ka lang niya ulit saktan,” shared Barbie. The actress refused to name which of the three JM did.

Barbie also shared that she also got annoyed at JM saying that their relationship only lasted for a month. “Dun lang din po ako napikon. Kasi parang para sakin lagpas na siya ng isang buwan, pero sakanya pala mag iisang buwan palang, parang ganun po,” shared Barbie.

Towards the end of the segment, Barbie shared that she is currently not able to be friends with JM but is open to the possibility of that changing in the future. “Hindi ko po tutuldukan dun kasi di ko naman po alam kung anong mga mangyayari sa susunod na araw. Pero sa ngayon po talaga, hindi po talaga,” stated Barbie.

As much as we love JuanBie together, we would love to have them heal first before hoping for anything to happen!

Watch the snippets of the interviews below:

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