Barbie Talks About Mental Health Better Than 13 Reasons Why

Barbie has been winning over our childhood hearts for decades, and her exposure to various media does not go unknown.

We all know Barbie from her classic movies such as Princess and the Pauper, Swan Lake, and Nutcracker. There are also toys, dolls, and other franchises featuring our favorite blonde sweetheart. So, along with the popularity of the internet, Barbie has also branched out to doing vlogs on YouTube.

Their YouTube channel also features an animated web series showcasing Barbie’s video diaries.

In these entries, she talks about a wide range of topics, as a typical YouTuber would, from makeup tutorials to personal opinions on certain issues such as mental health. Her friends also appear in her videos as guests that join her activities, talks, and whatnot. Along with her enthusiasm and creativity, creators have really made her to be the perfect YouTuber. However, those are not just the things that make her stand out.

What makes Barbie an exceptional YouTuber is her openness to talk about controversial and pressing issues, while also being unproblematic.

A prime example displaying this is her video Feeling Blue? You’re Not AloneIn this instance, she talks about the erraticism of her emotions and mood. Some days she would feel blue one morning, and then okay in the next. Moreover, she brings into light the fact that it’s okay and that you’re not alone. This emotion comes in suddenly and hits you without warning. But it’s important to remind ourselves, and everyone around us, that it’s part of being human.

Another video of hers is I’m Only “Joking…?” which is very relevant especially now in the internet.

In this video, she talks about the power that “I’m only joking” holds over its receiver. We’ve all probably offended someone in our entire lifetime, deliberately or not. And in that moment, apologizing for it may be the most appropriate response. However, it only becomes problematic and ignorant of the hurt your words have inflicted when the purpose of the apology becomes askew. Sometimes, the sorry’s that are being delivered may help relieve the burden of the guilt we carry. However, we cannot dictate what the other can and cannot feel. We shouldn’t expect them to forgive us simply because we did what’s expected of us. Ultimately, this video teaches us about accepting responsibility and accountability for our actions done and words uttered.

Barbie serves as an inspiration to a lot of her fanbase which mostly comprises of young people.

A lot of channels on YouTube contains content that circulate and propagate materialism, and focus more on the likes and subscribers they receive that they forget about the consequences of their own output. Thus, it’s important for channels such as Barbie’s to exist in the world of YouTube, and other social media sites, to remind these people about other more pressing matters.