5 Perfect Films To Watch With Your Best Friend For Your Movie Marathon

This is not a drill: Best Friend Day actually exists and it’s today!

So if you’re looking for last minute ideas on what to do with your best friend today, here’s one that’s going to save you all that dime: a movie marathon. It’s a weekend and nothing can stop you from getting together in that pool of pillows, watching all the best “best friend” movies you’ll ever see.

We all know Mean Girls, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and they’ve already sent us on a laughing fit or turned us into crying messes. But there are a lot more movies you probably haven’t seen yet that are about best friends. From low-key best friends to man’s best friend, we gathered 5 movies you should include in your best friend movie marathon tonight:

A Monster Calls

Magical would be an understatement. This movie is simply magnificent. If a monster comes as it answers your call, will you be able to tell him the truths you’ve hidden inside? In this story based on a novel by Patrick Ness, you’ll find a friendship that builds and heals wounds with time and understanding.

My Sister’s Keeper

Our siblings can also be our best friends. But what if your sister has cancer? And what if you were born to save her life? Will you still be her best friend or will she be the friend you needed all this time? Oh, and a little warning: you’re gonna cry… a lot.


We all look forward to reuniting with our friends from the past in the future. There can’t be a better movie to tell us about it than “Sunny”. In this story about a group of friends with very diverse personalities, you’ll learn the true value of friendship and that it can be with the people you least expect to be with.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

We all know this: “dogs are a man’s best friend.” So it would only be proper to watch a classic movie about a dog’s loyalty to his best friend. And when it’s about that dog who waited for his master at the train station every day for over 9 years after his death, you’ll surely need to keep a stack of tissue beside you the whole time.

Let Me In

Whether it’s the original Swedish film, “Let The Right One In”, or its American adaptation, “Let Me In”, this story will tell you so much about friendship. And young love. Okay, maybe a bit of death too. So if you want something supernatural for your movie night, then this might be the perfect film for you.