12 Hilarious Tweets And Memes From The Oscars 2018 That Made Us LOL

The 90th Academy Awards Ceremony wouldn’t be complete without the internet breaking from all the hilarious jokes cracked and spread throughout social media. As usual, Twitterverse has the funniest things to say about what went down at the Oscars and we’re convinced these tweets are what stole the show.

Here are the 12 best tweets and memes from last night’s Oscars. Enjoy!

12. Meryl Streep as Fairy God Mother

The resemblance is uncanny! We’re convinced that Meryl Streep is actually the Fairy Godmother from Shrek. It’s a surprise Meryl didn’t start singing ‘I Need A Hero’ in the middle of the awards show.

11. Jennifer Garner’s realization

Doesn’t it seem like Jennifer Garner suddenly remembered something unpleasant? We love the thread of responses below the tweet, but the sickest burn is this:


10. Adam Rippon’s BDSM Tuxedo

Tyra Banks made a funny on Twitter by using her own meme – and she knows exactly when to use it!

Adam Rippon, who recently became Twitter viral because of his interview with Ellen for his “stan Twitter” language, surely made a bold fashion move at the Oscars.

Well, it definitely paid off. The Olympic figure skater took a selfie with his celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes at the after party. No more sleeping on him now!

9. Meryl Streep shouting 2.0

The internet sure loves making Meryl Streep a target. Remember when we used the picture on the left in every tweet? Meryl done did it again this year.

8. When Kobe Bryant won an Oscar

We don’t even have to explain this one (nor can we try.) It makes it even funnier without context.

7. King T’Challa

We’re still ooooobssessed with Black Panther! Chadwick Boseman definitely reminded us why we continue to swoon and sigh for the king of Wakanda. #WakandaForever!

6. What are you doing, Zendaya?

One keen eye from Twitter saw something fall from Zendaya’s mouth.

We didn’t have to wonder that long because Zendaya replied almost immediately, saying that it was a chip that she caught ‘hella quick.’

Say, is the Spidey Sense contagious? Maybe sitting with co-star Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man is the reason why her reflexes were so quick.

5. Black Girl Magic

We have never seen anything more beautiful than these inspiring women at The Oscars!

Taraji P. Henson, Lupita Nyong’O, Zendaya, and Danai Gurira snatched our wigs as their black magic radiated across the red carpet.

4. Not a meme, but wow

Let’s have a moment of silence to appreciate the amazing stage design inside the theater.

3. Gal Gadot, a killer?

Okay, we absolutely love Gal Gadot. There’s no doubt in our minds how beautiful she is.

But we couldn’t help but snort at the quote reply. Twitter just can’t let go of the Zionist jabs!

2. Tom Holland: a meme

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you’ll know exactly why this meme is hilarious. Sorry Tom!

1. Headline Gone Wrong

C’mon, Nicole. Just buy your own red carpet, no need to steal that one! (She looked absolutely stunning, though.)

Spread the laughter and let us know in the comments below what tweets and memes you’ve found hilarious during the Oscars!