The First Commercial That Showed Women’s Body Hair Will Make Feminists Celebrate

“Billie is female first.”

Billie is a shaving company catered to women. They also create products such as lotions and body washes which can also be as an in-shower shaving cream. In addition to their good branding, their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Their mission aims to shed light on the lack of grooming products, such as shaving products, targeted to female consumers, and provide such products with quality.

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Billie is more than just a shaving company.

Their advocacy of building a future for women stretches beyond product consumption. They also donate 1% of their company’s revenues to women’s charities all over the world. Currently, the company makes their donation to “Every Mother Counts,” an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere.

Today is ours. Happy International Women’s Day. ✨

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The meaning behind the company’s name encapsulates their advocacy perfectly.

“A hundred years ago Billie was a man’s name – now it’s predominantly a woman’s name. We loved the idea of a name morphing from ‘boy to girl’. Kind of like what we hope to do in the male-dominated shaving category. Make things a little less boy and a lot more girl.”

It’s important to take note that hair growth in various places in our body varies for a lot of people.

Some people are born with little hair growth in certain areas. On the other hand, some grow a lot of hair in those areas. Consequently, it’s up to their own discretion whatever they want to do with their bodies. It’s their responsibility, and theirs alone. However, there are social cues portrayed all over the media that go against this.

Body hair is affiliated with masculinity and machismo. When a man with rugged looks and facial hair appears on a magazine, one of the most common reactions is to compliment. A man is sexy, hot, manly. On the other hand, print media such as magazines, and social media sites portray women to be hairless and smooth in almost every photoshoot.

What seems to be forgotten is that everyone has body hair. Yes, even women.

There’s nothing wrong with praising a man with abundant hair on his face and body. However, the problem lies in the treatment of others that don’t fall into that category. Because of the abundance of women with zero body hair all over media, there is an expectation for all women to follow. Thus, when society is presented with a woman outside the media, they are surprised. And, most of the time, even disgusted.

Thus, their commercial gone viral is a step towards imparting positive social change.

Although their product shipments are free, it only ships to the US. However, this shouldn’t discourage us. The commercial doesn’t just aim to attract consumers from all over the world. It is also to shed light on the issue that has dated even back to the boom of media. How women present themselves has not only been an affair that should concern women themselves but society itself. Through this, there are rules and standards set for them that has continually served to be problematic.

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