BLACKPINK Fans Cancel AC Bonifacio, Riva Quenery, and Awra Briguela

Fans of the phenomenal all-girl K-Pop group BLACKPINK are furious at AC Bonifacio, Riva Quenery and Awra Briguela over allegedly disrespecting one of the group’s members in an Instagram Live video.

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BLACKPINK fans, better known as “Blinks”, are now cancelling AC Bonifacio, Riva Quenery and Awra Briguela over insensitive jokes that the three made on the account of Jennie Kim, one of the South Korean pop group’s member’s, and the other Blinks who weren’t able to attend the one-day Manila fan meet that was held here in Manila last June 6.

In an Instagram Live session that was held by the three social media personalities, fans asked them about how they felt about the Blinks who weren’t able to get into the fan meet. Riva just laughed off the question while Awra just simply said, “We love you guys.”

Fans were quick to take notice of this as many Blinks were deprived of seeing their idols on that day which resulted to the hashtag #SHOPEESCAM trending on social media. The hashtag targeted Shopee, the e-commerce site that held the fan meet in Manila which reportedly broke their own regulations in choosing fans who would be able to see BLACKPINK.

In another segment of the Instagram Live sessioon, Awra was recorded saying, “What happened today was so sick!” AC jokingly replied to Awra saying, “Like Jennie!”

Blinks posted videos of Jennie being in pain at the fan meet and called out the three influencers for making fun of the singer whilst she was powering through a sickness during the event.

Upon seeing the Blinks’ reactions on their Instagram Live, Riva and AC were quick to lightly apologize to which Awra said, “Sensitive kasiang babaw lang nun.

Awra has since then apologized to the Blinks and explained his side of the situation saying that he did not intent to make fun of the singer or the fans who weren’t able to attend the fan meet.

Riva Quenery has also posted a lengthy video clarifying her words and actions on the now controversial Instagram Live video.

What’s your take on this issue?