Blogger Verniece Enciso Dishes Her Travel Style Essentials

Verniece Enciso

If there’s one Instagram account that we love following, it’s Verniece Enciso’s. There’s just something so relaxing about how she projects her fashion style; it’s elegant but never boring, current and aspirational. Initially known for being a fashion blogger with her sister Vern, Verniece sought to expand their shared blog by adding other categories such as beauty, food, but most of all travel. They’ve blogged about 18 different countries to date, and all of it has been done with style and class.

Verniece Enciso

Already a fashion icon on social media, Verniece was generous enough to share some travel style tips for Meg readers. Listen up, because she’s got a bucket list worth of experience behind her words.

“After taking a photo with our airport wear, Vern and I change into a completely different outfit. I wear leggings and a big sized shirt, Vern sometimes wears jumpers or even pajamas. No makeup too, we just tie our hair into a bun.”

Verniece Enciso

Favorite country

Iceland! It was actually number one in my bucket list, to see the Aurora Borealis. We were only there for six days, but thankfully it was the right timing because it was a cloudy afternoon. We saw it on our last night. I got goosebumps.”

A fashion inspirational country

“Korea. All the girls there are all in pink, or pantone colors. If you look at my IG and blog you can see that my fashion is quite Korean inspired.”

Verniece's five travel fashion essentials: shades, coat, statement piece bag, watch, and foldable flats
Verniece’s five travel fashion essentials: shades, coat, statement piece bag, watch, and foldable flats

This article was originally published on Vol. 1 of Meg’s March 2017 E-Magazine
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