The Product That Can Make Your Brows On Fleek In Just One Minute

For a kikay girl like myself, waking up late means having to cut the time I have for putting on makeup. When faced with this situation, I have to pick what’s really important for my makeup routine.

As the saying goes, “kilay is life.”

Most of us makeup enthusiasts can’t leave without filling our brows. Sometimes, some of us even take as much as 30 minutes just to make our brows on fleek. You have to shape your brows, fill it in, blend it out, and use concealer to clean the edges.

It sure seems like a lot of effort for one part of your face. But I recently sat down with Heart Defensor-Telagaarta, a Filipino-American Beauty YouTuber, and talked about her newest favorite brow product.

Brow Contour Pro

The Brow Contour Pro is Benefit Cosmetics‘ newly-released product. It’s a pen with four different shades; one dark and one medium shade for filling the brows and one concealer and one highlighter shade for cleaning the edges.

The formula is like a pomade shaped into a pen, so it’s pretty pigmented. And a little goes a long way! It sounds convenient to use, because who doesn’t know how to use a pen, right? But we decided to put the product to the test to see just how easy it really is!

Watch Heart do the 1-minute Brow Challenge with me using the Brow Contour Pro:

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