How Did BTS Breakthrough The Global Stage

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, has probably heard of the Korean boyband sensation BTS. They are literally everywhere, from local tv news, social media posts, and even the trending topics. BTS has successfully broken through the global stage; selling out concerts and stadiums across the globe in a span of few minutes, performing at major awards shows like Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards, and even presenting an award at the Grammys. They have done it all.

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For people who haven’t caught the BTS bug, you may be wondering what is it about these men that makes them global superstars. Setting aside their god-tier looks, musical prowess, and commanding presence on-stage, the core message of their music is actually quite one of a kind.  Instead of common themes like romance and partying, BTS’s music talk about social issues. They use music as platform to write and compose songs about dreams, education, and the different struggles of youth.

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BTS Talks About Self-Love to the United Nations | From Craig Ruttle via Shutterstock


For BTS, music as an opportunity to bring up important issues to the generation of today and assure them that they are not alone with their struggles. Several songs are anchored on the overwhelming expectations placed by elders on the younger generation and their effect on one’s mental health. They also brought to light how the youth forgets about their personal dreams and aspirations to fulfill those of their parents.

Another important theme in their music is seeking help despite going through depression and anxiety. They emphasize that success does not automatically equate to happiness. Above all, BTS promotes self-love.

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BTS at The Grammy’s 2019 via Getty Images


In a sea of artists and musicians who promote selfish pursuits, BTS is definitely a breath of fresh air. Their songs provide a sense of comfort to a generation that needs guidance and encouragement. In a world where being vulnerable is deemed as a weakness, BTS says otherwise. When people are told to be silent and suppressed, BTS says speak up.

No wonder BTS became a global success. Regardless of the language barrier, their authenticity is universal. Their songs speak to the listeners through their heart and pierces right into their soul. Their music provides comfort like that of an old friend. Whether you’re lonely, feeling overwhelmed, or even alone, you know that BTS has your back.