More BTS shots of Jadine’s individual movies are out!

More shots of the shooting and preparations of Jadine’s individual film projects have come out! While we love this hot and talented love team together, we’re also excited to see them grow in their solo projects, explore other genres, and work with other artists. James Reid is shooting the local remake of South Korean comedy-drama film, Miss Granny, with new Viva recruit, Xian Lim, and Queen of Pop, Sarah Geronimo. Nadine Lustre, on the other hand, will be shooting the horror-suspense film, The Nurse, in Saga, Japan, with veteran actress, Lorna Tolentino. These, on top of the romantic film where Jadine will be starring together, titled Never Not Love You. Related: Sarah Geronimo and James Reid Start Filming Miss Granny Xian Lim’s move to Viva Artists Agency has created excited buzz in showbiz and among fans. Now that Xian is in Viva, he’s working with more of their artists of course, and this includes being included in the much-awaited film Miss Granny. Xian plays the Producer in the film, the love interest of Sarah’s character, an old woman who was transported to her 20-year-old body. James, meanwhile, plays Sarah’s character’s grandson, who meets his grandmother when she is transported to her body in her 20s. More shots of the film have come out recently, and now we see the first shot of James and Xian filming together! It’s a bit surreal to see these two talented and good-looking men in the same shot but we’re glad that they’re finally working together! We can’t wait to see their chemistry and dynamics on the big screen, and with Sarah G of course! In the shot, both “Viva heartthrobs” (as captioned) are standing next to each other, with Xian pointing to James. As for Sarah, a shot of her shooting with veteran actress Daisy Romualdez for Miss Granny has come out. We’re guessing that Daisy plays the grandmother in the film, while Sarah is her 20-year-old version. Nadine, meanwhile, has her own individual film as well. She is starring in the horror-suspense flick, The Nurse, which will be directed by Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes director, Jun Robles Lana and produced by Idea First, the same studio that created My Fairy Tail Love Story and Die Beautiful, among others. Last Feb. 15, a shot of the preparations for the film was posted by Lana in his Twitter account. The photo shows luggage that’s on top of what looks like a train platform with the word “Saga” on it. The caption says, “Final loc check with my team. #TheNurse #VivaFilms #IdeaFirst.” So it looks like Nadine will be shooting with Direk Jun very soon. We can’t wait to see their first batch of BTS shots in Japan and Nadine venturing into the dark, but exciting world of horror and suspense films!

How about you, which film are you more excited to see? Or are you game to support them all? Share your excitement in the comments below! Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad Read more: