The Fresh Face of BYS: Vivoree Esclito On Her Greatest Love

“Who was your first love?”

A friend, or maybe even you, would tell the story of a person they met, got to know, and eventually fell in love with. It would always be a kindergarten playmate, a high school sweetheart, or a college dreamboat, and the story usually won’t get to have a happy ending because there is someone to lose.

It’s funny how a person’s first great love would always be someone else when all we really had in the beginning and all we’ll really have in the end is ourselves.

As the newly announced BYS ambassadress and MEG’s February 2019 Digital Cover Girl, Vivoree is back to kiss and tell the true meaning of self-love and the struggles she goes through in loving what should have been loved first and foremost.

Vivoree rocks the new BYS Velvet Lipstick Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Creme Brulee’ on her lips.

It doesn’t take more than one look to know that Vivoree is stunningly beautiful. Aside from her bushy brows and morena skin, her luscious lips also bring about her true Filipina beauty–which is why there’s no one better to be the face of the new BYS Lip and Cheek tints than her.

But above anything else, she is more than her external beauty… and it won’t take more than one conversation with her to know that there is a loving heart that lies within.

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As part of BYS’ big 2019 campaign, Vivoree now has another platform to share and spread that self-confidence and self-love with the people who look up to her.

The BYS team is aware of Vivoree’s impact and influence and sees that the campaign will recognize her undeniable reach to the public.

“People are drawn to her, magnetized by her. She always makes an impact,” the BYS team explained. For this 2019, she spreads an influence brought about by makeup that empowers oneself. Makeup that reigns on its amazing quality and affordability for young Filipina women. Makeup from no other than the BYS brand.

With a devoted fan base, a big campaign under her belt, and an unquestionable amount of talent that has led her to cement herself as one of the most popular teen celebrities in the entertainment industry, it would be difficult to imagine someone like Vivoree having trouble loving her own beautiful and successful self.

“I really can’t say that loving myself is very easy,” she said. “It takes time for me and a whole lot of acceptance.”

The teen star has been open about the struggles she faced in the past that was brought about by her doubts and constant focus on her failures rather than her success.

The showbiz industry doesn’t necessarily uphold the reputation of being nice and gentle to those who want to be a part of it, but Vivoree had the strength and determination to rise above it all and live her dream.

Her moments of self-doubt were certainly one of her biggest enemies, but she coped with it by reminding herself that there’s a lot more to love than there is to worry about.

“Communicating with myself is key . . .,” she said. “Every time I feel like I’m having trouble loving myself again, pinapaalala ko sa sarili ko na never naman akong nagging perpekto bilang tao, at ayos lang ‘yun. Tanggapin mo na lang ulit sarili mo at magiging masaya ka na.”

(Every time I feel like I’m having trouble loving myself again, I remind myself that I have never been perfect as a human being, and that’s okay. Accept yourself over and over again, and you’ll be happy.)

The one thing that unites us all in a nation that is constantly divided by different views in politics, religion, and so much more, is that we all go through moments, often long ones, of self-deprecation. Vivoree sees the expectations that we set for ourselves and set by the people in our lives for us as the main reason why it’s so difficult to have self-love.

“We want to be like this and like that, but sometimes, we just can’t be ‘it’ kaya umaabot tayo sa point na nadi-disappoint tayo sa sarili natin, or worse, hate ourselves.”

(We want to be like this and like that, but sometimes, we just can’t be “it” so we end up being disappointed in ourselves, or worse, we end up hating ourselves.)

To this, Vivoree had one thing to say: “Don’t try to be perfect; you will never be. Instead, try to be better.”

Self-love knows no age, gender, class, and profession, but so does self-doubt, self-deprecation, and self-harm. No one goes through life without a moment of swaying faith in oneself, but not everyone makes it out with newly-restored faith. Some completely lose it along the way, while some never really had enough to survive the journey.

Attaining self-love is a hike in the world’s tallest mountain, unsafe from the storm, the heat, the avalanche, and the drought. But it’s a mountain with a trail as clear as day, which makes the hike long and strenuous, but not never-ending. Although it’s a constant hike we may find ourselves on from time to time, it’s just the same mountain, the same ups and downs we have to go through to make it to the top.

For Vivoree, taking the time to know who you truly are and accepting and catering to your needs is the key to attaining self-love. Although she acknowledges that the journey may not be the same for everyone, understanding your character and putting your needs above everyone else’s from time to time is a good start.

And the ultimate goal is to love everything about you.

“You can’t just love one thing about yourself and hate the rest. If you truly love yourself, loving everything about you won’t hurt,” she said.

Sadly, it seems like loving others is easier than loving oneself, thus the answer to who one’s first great love is is anyone but themselves. Vivoree thinks that it’s because we see ourselves or the version of ourselves that we want to be in other people. It’s a sad notion, but if you think about it, it’s not a far-fetched theory.

The idea of love shouldn’t always be romantic and it should’t always involve someone else.

A love song or a romance novel shouldn’t always have to be about an ex-lover or a current one – words of love should also be about you. It should be about the way your eyes light up when you talk about your favorite band, how a smile spreads across your face when you see yourself in the mirror, how elated and satisfied you feel when you reach your dreams.

Love should also be about how we feel about ourselves, not just others.

Vivoree has withstood the test of self-doubt time and time again. While this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any mountains for her to climb, this is a testimony that Vivoree is stronger and much more resilient than the negative voices in her head.

No one can take down a person like Vivoree who has self-love as a suit of armor.

After all, if one’s first great love is one’s own self, there would finally be a happy and victorious ending to a first great love story, because there would be no one to lose.
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