New Captain Marvel Trailer Shows Brie Larson As A Noble Warrior Hero

Marvel Studios has once again blessed Marvel fans with a brand new trailer of the much-awaited first female avenger film, Captain Marvel.

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The hero that will save the few unfortunate avengers and the whole world from Thanos’ powerful snap is soon to fly our screens and indeed she justifies Ariana Grande‘s God Is a Woman song. After the release of its first trailer in September, Marvel Studios released another one today and it definitely hyped the MCU fans.

But before the second trailer, Marvel released beforehand a brand new poster of the film on Sunday

MCU fans in the Twitter world just can’t help being excited

Of course, MCU fans went to Twitter to express their excitement and share their own theories about the trailer. A bunch of fans commended Brie Larson for looking like a total badass in her space battle!

Some fans tweeted funny GIFs and videos about Thanos facing Captain Marvel soon.

Meanwhile, some fans just tweeted how delighted and excited they are seeing another purely amazing Marvel film.

Captain Marvel will premiere on International Women’s Day next year, March 8, 2019.

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