Celebrities Weigh In On Donny-Kisses-Tony Love Team Triangle

Ever since young and upcoming star, Kisses Delavin, split up with her former love team partner, Marco Gallo, rumors have been circling around that she might be paired up with another leading man. So far the two actors that she has been linked to the most are Donny Pangilinan and Tony Labrusca. RELATED: Kisses Delavin Says To Fans: No such thing as official love team Both Donny and Tony have fans who are rooting for them to be paired with Kisses and although they have given little to no comment on the possibilities of a love team brewing with either of them, that didn’t stop some celebrities on commenting on who they think would be cute together. In an interview with ABS-CBN, actress Ara Mina, who shares a friendship with the young actress, commented on Kisses and Tony and said “For me, may chemistry sila. T’saka grabe ‘yung fans nilaTalagang mararamdaman mo ‘yung warmth ng KissTon.”  

On the other hand, TV host Kim Atienza, replied to one of the questions during his #KuyaKimTrivia time on Twitter regarding Kisses and Donny and said that he thinks that the two are “bagay” together.   Quick to squash any rumors that might arise from that tweet though, Donny Pangilinan’s father replied to Kuya Kim’s tweet and playfully asked him what his basis was for saying that they could be good together.   Which possible love team are you on? DonKiss or KissTon? READ MORE: