Celebs With a Serious Case of Kitty and Puppy Love

Related: Celebrities and their Furry Friends: Who’s the Cutest? Recently, it looks like more celebrities have been developing this case for dog and cat love. We rounded up some of these celebs, from those who’ve gotten over their fear of dogs, to those who are inspiring veterans when it comes to their love for animals.

  1. Bea Alonzo and Maltese puppy, Walter White
In her Instagram photos posted seven days ago, Bea Alonzo recalls how she was actually terrified of dogs when she was a child. It all started when she got trapped inside a dog house after hiding there while playing hide and seek with cousins. The dog, who was fresh from childbirth, attacked her and Bea said she had been afraid of them ever since. Enter a “nice guy” whom Bea refers to in her post, who gave her this adorable maltese puppy days before she posted. “Since my New Year’s resolution is to get over my fear of dogs, I just went for it and held him. And he is the gentlest dog I have ever seen. Fell in love with him instantly. Meet Walter White!”  We applaud “nice guy” for helping Bea get over her fears! (Hint, hint, looks like this nice guy is the special guy in Bea’s life, who’s also a long-time dog lover.)

When i was 6 years old i was trapped inside a dog house. Yes, trapped. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins and i don’t know what got into my head that i decided to hide inside a dog house.. I was attacked by the dog (who had just given birth and was disturbed by the naughty little girl 😓😩) That incident made me fear dogs for the past 24 years.. I still am scared actually but three days ago i got this cute little puppy from a nice guy 😇 and i swear i screamed the first time i saw the puppy! i think i scared the heck out of him! 🙈 But since my new year’s resolution is to get over my fear of dogs, i just went for it and held him.. And he is the gentlest dog i have ever seen ❤️ Fell in love with him instantly.. Meet Walter White 🐶 You will be seeing a lot of him on my instagram😂 I am currently obssessed with him🙈 I can’t wait to get on this journey with him for i have not experienced this kind of love before.. love for animals. i know i will learn a lot from this journey.. ❤️ #walterwhite

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  1. Julia Barretto and Maltese puppy, Mason
It seems that Maltese dogs are favorites among celebs. Julia Barretto recently introduced one of her “babies” recently on her Instagram account. In one of her IG stories, there was a photo of her Baba or Joshua Garcia, her love team partner, and an adorable white Maltese puppy sleeping, which she captioned by saying that both her babies were sleeping. She formally introduced her fur baby, Mason, recently with an Instagram post where she was seen in the passenger seat of a car while Joshua drove. Lucky puppy even got to be kissed by Joshua! Julia has admitted before to being afraid of dogs so it’s a great thing it looks like she’s already gotten over that fear!

Hello world! My name is Mason 🐾

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  1. Loisa Andalio and gang of puppies: Mc, Velle, and Ice
Young actress Loisa Andalio had been bitten by the puppy love bug late last year, when she got her first puppy, a teacup Pomeranian named Mc. (The rumored giver is love team partner and rumored boyfriend, Ronnie Alonte.) After getting Mc, Loisa has been seen toting the puppy everywhere, from tapings to fittings for the Star Magic Ball! Loisa then got other Pomeranian pups named Poopie and Ice, but unfortunately Poopie passed away from the deadly parvo virus. (Tip: Always get your puppies vaccinated and never bring them out of the house if they’re less than two months old!) Ronnie then gave Loisa toy poodles and Loisa named them Velle and Kobe. Unfortunately, Kobe passed away this time, from parvo as well. We hope Loisa’s remaining pups are healthy and live long lives with their owner.

baby mc 🐶😘

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welcome to IG world babies!!!! 😂 @iamandaliovelle @iamandaliokobe

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  1. Ronnie Alonte and English bulldog, Gregor
Ronnie Alonte was also one of the young actors who recently just got over his fear of dogs. As seen in this very hilarious video with Julia Barretto at one of their tapings early 2017, he was really scared of dogs! The young actor seems to have gotten this fear in the latter part of last year, when he got his English bulldog that he named Gregor, for his favorite MMA fighter, McGregor (Trivia: It seems that the names of Ronnie and Loisa’s dogs go together. Loisa’s first dog’s name is Mc, while Ronnie’s is Gregor.).

Bat nag kapalit ata kami ng mukha? 🐶😂👌🏻 #gregor

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  1. Iñigo Pascual and his adopted cat, Miranna, and dogs, Ash the labrador and Coco the bull mastiff
Iñigo Pascual has long been a dog lover as seen from his posts. A responsible pet parent, Iñigo can be seen bringing his dogs to the vet and even asking prayers from his followers when one of his dogs wasn’t eating for two days. What really seemed to push Iñigo’s pet parenting further was his adoption of a stray cat last Christmas. He named her Miranna. “There’s something about me and animals…idk,” he then Tweeted. Iñigo hasn’t posted about Miranna since then but if she didn’t come back to him since she’s a stray, hopefully, she’s alright wherever she is.

Went to the VET today! 🐶🐶 #ASHtheLab #COCOtheBullmastiff

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  1. Marc Nelson and his puspin family
Who would’ve thought that a hunky sportsman like Marc Nelson would be charmed by kittens? The dashing celeb can be seen posting about the cats he rescued and has also helped organizations like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Mr. Grey, one of the especially handsome ones he adopted unfortunately couldn’t get along with his cats, so he had PAWS adopt him out (the adopter gets a date with Marc!).  

SAY HELLO TO MR.GREY.😻 Now if you’re like some folks who are just crazy over celebrities but has never had the luck of ever meeting one in person, then this cat is luckier than you. We say this because not only was Mr. Grey rescued from the hard life of a homeless cat, he was rescued by Marc Nelson who found him hiding under his car. Marc wanted to keep him but Mr. Grey was a bit too feisty with the rest of Marc’s cats so he decided to just foster him until he could be put up for adoption. Mr. Grey is one sweet, affectionate cat who loves to eat and cuddle. And if that’s not enough of an incentive for you, Marc has also promised to take whoever adopts Mr. Grey out on a date! Ask about our adoption procedure today! — We have always believed that there is never a reason to have to buy a pet from a store or a breeder when there are countless of homeless yet perfectly loving and lovable animals in shelters and on the streets. If you think you are ready to give a rescued homeless animal a second chance at life, our adoption procedures can be found on the FAQ section of this page and our website – www.paws.org.ph Help us spread the word by sharing this post on your timeline. If not you, someone you know could be the forever human a shelter animal has been waiting for. #AdoptDontShop #iSupportPAWS #puspin #animallover #animalwelfare #animalshelter #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #Manila #philippines #PAWSphilippines

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  1. Jodi Sta. Maria and her cats
One of the veteran pet lovers in this list is multi-talented star, Jodi Sta. Maria. As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate already, being an actress, mom, student, and endorser, this super woman is also a dedicated pet lover! She actually saves cats from the streets and rehabilitates them (she saved several of them during her taping for Pangako Sa Yo!) and now has 17 in total! We salute you, Mama Jowds!

Shhhh….cat sleeping 😙🐱

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  1. Joey and Angelina Mead King and their dogs and cats
The celebrity couple isn’t just entrepreneurs and hobbyists, but are also passionate animal lovers! One of the longest animal lovers in the industry, Joey Mead King is also actually one of the ambassadors of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and has adopted and helped many stray dogs and cats. One of her most touching posts was that when her dog, Noah, recently passed away. Joey made several dedications and goodbyes to him in her Instagram account.

I love you Noah.. ❤️

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How about you, do you have your own fur kids? Or are you willing to adopt? Sound off in the comments below! Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad Read more: