Chantal Videla Spills What Gives Her The Upper Hand In The Acting Industry

One look at her fair skin, quiet demeanor, and undeniably gorgeous face, and you would think that she’s a princess right out of a fairytale.

She could be the most beautiful maiden in the land with an evil stepmother who locks her up in a tower where she sings her heart out while she waits to be rescued by Prince Charming. But she is no princess and she is no damsel in distress. In her story, her beauty is her empire, her heart is her influence, and her faith is her power. She’s not waiting for some heroic prince, because her true hero is the One she constantly prays to.

Off shoulder ruffle top – Queen Street West, Striped drape skirt – Roland Alzate, Earrings – Amavi

She is not a fairytale character, but a strong young woman in an extremely competitive industry. Contrary to the ideal world of princesses, her world has many ladders that she needs to climb on and many buckets of blood and sweat that she needs to fill. On top of it all, she needs to make it out unscathed.

A princess won’t get through what our maiden needs to go through, so in her story, she is a person who has control and knows how to use it. An authority, a leader, an author rather than a character.

She is Chantal Videla, the boss of her own fate.

Sweater – Roland Alzate, Trousers – Sevastra, Earrings – Amavi

The young Filipino-Argentinian beauty started her career in show business as a model when she was just 13 years old. Last year, Chantal was launched as one of the artists in the Star Magic Circle Batch 2018.

Being one of the newest faces in the industry can be quite overwhelming, especially when the eyes that are watching expects nothing short of perfection. Chantal has more than 45,000 pairs of eyes that are watching her every move via her social media accounts. With that amount of followers, it’s no question that Chantal has become a figure of influence in her own right.

It could be a lot for a 16-year-old to handle and she admits to feeling pressured to live up to society’s standards, but she knows that she’s under the spotlight for a reason.

“I became an artist for a reason, and that is to remind people that they can reach their dreams by working hard,” she said.

However, the judgment she may face is just one of the many hurdles she would have to overcome in the industry. For starters, some of the demands in show business clash with her beliefs as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Her religion is opposed to wearing clothes that are too revealing, a practice in which she has evidently grown used to, as seen by her outfit choices.

“I was used to abiding by my beliefs, so going into show business was a big adjustment . . . as a celebrity, it’s hard to say no,” she explained.

But Chantal made sure that despite the conflict between what she believes in and what the industry expects from her, her career and comfort is not compromised. There is a conviction in her soft voice when she wants to speak her mind and say a yes, a no, or a “let’s find a middle ground”.

Fearlessly voicing out her opinions on what she wants to wear may seem like a trivial thing to many, but it proves that underneath her soft-spoken nature is a young woman wise beyond her years, who knows what she wants and what’s best for her.

Venus cut ruffled top – Sevastra by Noel Orate, Wide-leg pants – Eric Delos Santos, Earrings – Amavi

There is only one person in her life who knows what’s good for her better than she does, and that is none other than her mom, who she fondly refers to as her girl boss.

Chantal gets certain looks from her mom when she needs to be put in place, and she even gets reprimanded in Spanish so as to not be embarrassed in front of other people. But other than being sources of humility, her mom and dad are her strongest pillars of support.

Laging sinasabi ni mommy na kaya ka namin sinusuportahan sa paga-aartista is because we know that it’s your dream and we want you to enjoy what you’re doing (My mom always tells me that the reason why they support my career is because they know that it’s my dream and they want me to enjoy what I’m doing),” she said.

In her own parents’ words, “money doesn’t really matter.”

With a solid support system, a career on an uphill slope, and a heart of gold, Chantal has everything she has ever wanted within her reach, but she knows better than to rush the process and neglect the responsibilities she now carries.

Even with all the temptations that come with stardom, she remains to hold onto her faith and make sure that it never wavers.

“My power is my faith,” she said with a voice that echoed of nothing but certainty. If there is one thing Chantal won’t lose hold of in the roller coaster ride that she is in, it’s her faith in God.

Above anything else, she wishes to inspire.

“I don’t want to [encourage] people to do things that aren’t pleasing in God’s eyes,” she said. She also emphasized that she doesn’t aim to be perfect. She knows that she will make mistakes and that she’s allowed to as long as she takes it as a learning experience. She just genuinely wants to be a good person and to be seen as someone who is humble and God-fearing.

Halter top – Noel Crisostomo, Tweed blazer – Roland Alzate, Mini skirt – Sevastra, Earrings – Amavi

Chantal has a long way to go, but there is no doubt that she will go many places. Her quiet use of power in the form of her humility and maturity gives her the upper hand in any tough situation she is bound to face. At the end of the day, kindness and faith will always win over cruelty and doubt.

This she knows, and she knows because a true boss oversees everything, even the tiniest, most trivial of details.

She may look like a textbook princess, but she is meant to be greater. She is destined to build her own empire, take the industry by storm, and be a figure of authority with all the right intentions.

Power, influence, control, and unwavering faith – these are the makings of a true girl boss.

These are the makings of Chantal Videla.

Chantal Videla

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