Claudia Barretto Talks About Breaking Out Of Her Shell While Performing On Stage

When your name is known in the showbiz industry long before you were even born, you would think that being in the spotlight is something you’ll grow up getting used to. But 18-year-old Claudia Barretto is still working on gaining her confidence.

Breaking Out Of Her Shell

As the young Barretto pursues her passion for music and singing, she shares with MEG that she still gets shy and nervous while performing on stage.

Image Credit: MEG/@mynameissea

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer. But it took a while for me to really break out of my shell; become more confident and decide on pursuing a career in singing.”

Claudia’s future seems just as bright as her sister, Julia Barretto.  “Up until now, I’m actually still very shy. But I think after every performance, I do gain a little more confidence every single time.”

Claudia’s passion for music

Being shy won’t stop her from expressing her love for music. Just last weekend, Claudia performed at Manila X, the biggest summer party event this year, in Cove Manila. Manila X marks the spot for young aspiring artists like Claudia, and she surely owned the stage last weekend!

Image Credit: MEG/@mynameissea

“I’m working on booking more shows and more gigs, become more confident on stage and also performing in smaller crowds,” Claudia said. “On my EP, I co-wrote You with Fern, who is also a Universal Records artist.”

Her self-titled EP will be released around the start of May and she says that her team at Cornerstone and Universal have been supportive of the path she wants to take in her music.

Juggling teenage life with career

Like any teenager, Claudia still goes to school. Her education is still her top priority, so it was important for her to manage her time between school and her music career. Her key to success, though, is a good and helpful team behind her.

“My only advice is to be confident in yourself. Be yourself one hundred percent because it translates to the music.”