Cocina Peruvia Spices Up Your Taste Buds

Food has become a way for people to come together and experience the culture of the world through their own comfort and taste buds.  Cocina Peruvia offers that opportunity to its customers to experience one of the melting pots of different flavors — the Peruvian cuisine.

The restaurant aims to spice up the Filipino taste palate by introducing to the public the South American cuisine of Peru. With its culinary influences from Europe, Asia, and West Africa, their menu will include aspects of familiarity to the Filipinos, such as how their food is cooked while at the same time, give their customers a completely new taste through their unique flavor profiles.


As you enter the restaurant, you will instantly feel welcomed because of the kindness of the staff to the warm and colorful space of the restaurant that mimics the casual Latin street bars. Decorated in lights with an overlooking view of the Ortigas commercial district, it will surely help you unwind.

With a multi-cultural theme that is shown through its interior, it is refreshing to the eyes and brings a sense of comfort. The long wooden tables, couches, and high stools make it the perfect spot for your barkada or workmates to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.


Cocina Peruvia is committed to offering authenticity through its dishes to help the customers enjoy what the cuisine offers. By making sure to use the proper ingredients from Peru which they have shipped regularly, it is no shock how fresh their food is.

Here are some of our favorite dishes from Cocina Peruvia:

Chicharron de Calamar

Deep fried squid rings served with chimichurri aioli and tiradito sauce.

Chicharron de Calamar at Cocina Peruvia

Pescado Al Ajillo

Pan fried salmon topped with shrio sauteed with garlic, butter, and parsley.

Pescado Al Ajillo at Cocina Peruvia

Brochetas de Lomo y Pollo

Beef tenderloin and chicken skewers marinated in anticucho sauce with aji panca. (the spices you’ll taste with this is heaven!)

Brochetas de Lomo y Pollo at Cocina Peruvia

Pizza Verde

Cilantro based flatbread pizza topped with chicken bits and cream cheese. (who knew pizza could taste this good?)

Pizza Verde at Cocina Peruvia

Linguine Con Carbonara

Pasta cooked in a special cream sauce with aji amarillo, sauteed with seafood and garlic.

Linguine Con Carbonara at Cocina Peruvia


Jack fish with cassava, cilantro, onions, and tomatoes in clear soup, topped with lemon and salsa creole.

Encebollado at Cocina Peruvia

Parilla Platter

Grilled salmon, pork belly, and chicken thigh fillet served with chorizo rice, fried potatoes, french beans, and patacones.

Parilla Platter at Cocina Peruvia

Causa Con Avocado

Aji mashed potato mixed with egg, avocadoes, shrimp and mayo mix.

Causa Con Avocado at Cocina Peruvia

Anticuchos de Corazon

Grilled beef heart served in skewers, served with chimichurri and aji anticucho sauce.

Anticuchos de Corazon at Cocina Peruvia

Chocolate Pudding

Rich dark chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream, cherry, dried berries, and chocolate shavings. (Our personal favorite, the perfect dessert to end your meal!)

Chocolate Pudding at Cocina Peruvia

The restaurant does not disappoint in providing a diverse and colorful menu that highlights the flavors of the cuisine in Peru, along with its bright and comfortable restaurant interior that will leave you wanting for more.

You can now visit Cocina Peruvia in Ortigas at the 5/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook!