This is The Coffee That Will Start Your Morning Right

Ever felt like you’ve been slacking off and just been dragging yourself day by day? Ever wanted to change that but you don’t even know where to start?  Well, according to movies and a day in my life vlogs of YouTubers it starts off with getting up early in the morning, heading to the gym and going to your favorite coffee shop to order your usual.  Take it from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S or any video of a productive day of influencers.

It shouldn’t only be them who can do this but you as well, especially with the latest coffee shop in town that caters to just that, Coffee & Protein — your new go-to spot.

Coffee & Protein started as a passion project of two siblings Carlos and Carmela Benipayo, who fused together both of their passions of coffee and nutrition which resulted in a homegrown specialty coffee shop. Banking on this, Coffee & Protein treats coffee for its taste as well as its purpose. Who wouldn’t want to start their mornings with just that?

Up to the layout of the coffee shop, it stays to what it upholds as the urban bar – inspired design and each of its interiors has a specific use. This latest coffee shop is located at the Rock Lifestyle Hub in Quezon City Coffee & Protein. The street is situated near five different gyms to reach both target markets of coffee enthusiasts and those who drink coffee because they need it in order to function. Coffee & Protein displays the nutritional information of their products in order to help the customers be responsible and healthy consumers.

For those who are fans of iced coffee, just like most of the population in the world, C&P’s Cold Brew Coffee is perfect for you. This drink is made from coffee beans carefully brewed over a long period of time, allowing for a super smooth and less acidic finish. Their Cold Brew Coffee can be delivered by the bottle as well as a Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew within Metro Manila for those who are always on the go.

Visit Coffee & Protein now so each morning starts off right and with a purpose!

Location and Contact Details of Coffee and Protein

    • C&P is located at 3/F The Rock Lifestyle Hub, Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City
    • Contact number: 0977 4012396
    • Facebook/Instagram: @coffeeandprotein