Missing Cole Sprouse? Here’s How You Can Make Him Come Back To The Philippines

Cole Sprouse went to the Philippines last week to properly introduce himself as the new ambassador for Bench. Naturally, the Filipino fans were buzzing with excitement as they welcomed the Riverdale star!

He roamed the streets of Poblacion and met thousands of fans around Metro Manila, once again proving how charming and approachable he really is. It’s a shame he didn’t stay longer than he initially planned because we already miss him!

What can make Cole Sprouse come back to the Philippines?

One thing we learned about Cole is that he has a growing collection of antique masks.

“I was going to be here for a little bit longer, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance,” Cole said during his press conference with Bench at Makati Shang-ri La. “Last night as I was out with Bench, I happened to mention that I have a great collection of antique masks. And he showed up today with the most beautiful antique mask for me and I was so flattered. What he didn’t know was that if he put that as a payment for the entire thing, I would have come over and stayed for the rest of my life!” Cole said.

Where would Cole go if he could stay longer in the Philippines?

When Cole travels, he shared that he likes to try out as much of the local experience as possible. He’s the type of guy that tends to go to the secluded islands instead of curated and commercialized cities.

“My original plan was to travel around the islands and be able to see some of the beaches,” He said. “There was that mythical spiritual island [Siquijor] – that’s the one I would like to visit.”

Okay, so now we know how to bribe him into coming back to the Philippines AND where we can hunt him down! (Kidding.) (Or are we?)